Teamwork (2)

ISLO 4 Teamwork

 Oregon Tech students will collaborate effectively in teams or groups. 


Teamwork encompasses the ability to accomplish group tasks and resolve conflict within groups and teams while maintaining and building positive relationships within these groups. Team members should participate in productive roles and provide leadership to enable an interdependent group to function effectively.


  • Identify & Achieve Goal/Purpose: Share common goals and purpose.
  • Assume Roles & Responsibilities: Fulfill roles and responsibilities, including leadership roles, which are clearly defined and shared. Members are motivated to complete work in a timely manner and provide leadership in meetings.
  • Communicate Effectively: Communicate openly and respectfully, listen to ideas, and support and encourage each other.
  • Reconcile Disagreement: Welcome disagreement and use difference to improve decisions.
  • Contribute Appropriately: Contribute to discussions, decision-making, and work. The work product is a collective effort.
  • Develop Strategies for Effective Action: Use effective decision making processes to decide on action, share expectations for outcomes, and reach consensus on decisions.
  • Adjust for Differences: Recognize and adapt to differences in background and communication style.


  • SPE 221 - Small Group and Team Communication (a revision of the existing SPE 321 course)

Essential Practice:            

  • None

Program-Integrated Practice:

  • 1 course, defined by program, that integrates teamwork in the context of the major.

​Foundation Courses

  • Taught by content area expert
  • Teamwork the primary focus of the course
  • Introduces theoretical knowledge
  • Provides opportunity for practice and skill acquisition
  • Teamwork outcomes clearly stated in course objectives
  • Includes assessment via the teamwork rubric (knowledge and skill assessed)
  • Teamwork knowledge and skills part of course grade

Program-Integrated Practice Courses

  • Instructor has received training on the practice and process of teamwork
  • Instructor has received training on assessing teamwork
  • Some instruction on teamwork (e.g., readings) is provided to students
  • Teamwork knowledge and skills are assessed via teamwork rubric
  • An opportunity for teamwork is provided that:
    • Has intentional/meaningful purpose for the group
    • Requires interdependence in working toward a common goal
    • Maintains group membership over a prolonged period of time
    • Product is graded as a unit