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Get Advice From Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring is a FREE academic support service available to all Oregon Tech students.  We offer in-person tutoring sessions to support your courses and supplement your learning experience at all campuses.  Turn your appointment into a study group, request weekly appointments for a dedicated study time and share files and documents with a peer tutor before your appointment. 

In addition, we offer TutorMe where you can connect with a live tutor 24/7.  TutorMe also allows students to upload any paper and receive feedback within 12 hours.  Available through TechWeb.

Online Scheduling

Our one-stop online scheduling system can be accessed by students at all Oregon Tech campuses.

Tutoring Resources

  • Schedule tutoring session (in-person)
  • TutorMe (online tutoring)
  • Study Group Request
  • Email Peer Tutoring

Learning Resource Center
lower mezzanine

Please ask for assistance/directions at the entrance desk.
Drop-ins welcome  &  Appointments available
Monday - Friday


Assistant Director, Advising and Retention

Tutoring Around Campus

CSET Tutoring Purvine 125  Monday - Friday (CSET 116, 126, 136, 211) Monday 2pm-3pm Tuesday 11am-1pm, 2pm-6pm Wednesday 2pm-3pm Thursday 8am-2pm Friday 2pm-3pm  Saturday & Sunday (CSET 116, 126, 130, 131, 133, 136, 162, 211, 231) 12:00pm-4pm
My Learning Lab - Free Tutoring Owens  212 - Monday thru Friday  9am-9pm Saturday & Sunday 1pm-6pm
Mechanical Engineering - Cornett Lobby Monday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm
 Natural Science Peer Tutoring - Dow 2nd Floor Hall - Monday thru Friday; 10am-5pm


Peer Tutoring Services

One-on-One Counseling

  • Most meetings with Peer Tutors are one-on-one, unless you are working on homework or a project with someone else.

Drop In Tutoring

  • There are often available Peer Tutors in the Peer Tutoring Center during business hours. If no one is immediately available, you may have to wait or make an appointment for another time.

Group Tutoring and Study Sessions

  • May be arranged for specific meeting times throughout the term, or just before a midterm or final exam.

Online and Distance Education

  • We have a few Peer Tutors who can provide online tutoring in some subjects, and are available through Peer Tutoring Services (WC) Online. Distance consulting needs may be arranged on a case by case basis.

Online Service for all Subjects

TutorMe Icon in TECHweb includes a figure near a square screen.

All enrolled students can access the 24 hour service, TutorMe. You can connect with a live tutor in under 30 seconds for over 300 subjects, 24 hours a day 7 days a week – FOR FREE! Their network of over 10,000 tutors are ready to help with any question, no matter how big or small. TutorMe’s Writing Lab allows you to upload any paper and receive feedback within 12 hours. TutorMe is now available through TechWeb.

Find "TutorMe" in TECHweb under the Peer Tutoring tile on the Home tab.

Online Writing/ Editing Service

Techweb icon of a pencil for Heartful Editor, writing and editing service.

The Oregon Institute of Technology partners with Heartful Editor to provide academic editing support and writing coaching to students. 

Heartful Editor's team of caring, supportive, and encouraging academic coaches and editors helps students of all skill and experience levels thrive as academic writers and effect positive change in the community through their scholarship.



Our academic coaches and editors:

  • Read and review all documents for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency in formatting, and alignment with APA (7th Edition) and campus guidelines.
  • Suggest alternative words or phrases, provide guidance on sentence and paragraph structure, and advise on how to better organize ideas and strengthen flow.
  • Provide students with an overview of areas that need attention and improvement, as well as recommended revisions.
  • Track all edits and changes for the student to review and accept.
  • Meet with students via Zoom to discuss feedback face to face, upon request.
Find "Heartful Editor" in TECHweb under the Peer Tutoring tile on the Home tab.



The mission of the Peer Tutoring Center is to champion academic success by providing services and resources that foster the development of personalized learning.


To support Oregon Tech students on an individual and group basis in face-to-face and online settings by working with institution and departmental faculty and staff to develop programs and materials that will strengthen skill building, enhance understanding, and achieve learning outcomes.