Oregon Institute of Technology is proud to offer you the opportunity to take your online exams at home with online proctoring. Using a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet connection, you can take your exams anywhere.

  • ProctorU - A unique service that allows test-takers to complete exams, certifications and assessments at their convenience, while still ensuring exam integrity for institutions. Test-takers can take exams in any secured area with Internet access while utilizing almost any computer and webcam.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser - You will use this browser to take quizzes/tests that have the requirement indicated. When you open the Respondus Browser to take a quiz/test, you will be asked to select which program you're using. Please select Canvas.
  • Respondus Monitor - Students use their own computer and a webcam to record assessment sessions, all without leaving Canvas.

Online proctoring requires a review of your testing environment. Please consider your testing location prior to taking the test. If you are uncomfortable with proctors seeing that location, you should consider removing personal items or moving to a location that you feel comfortable showing such as another room of your residence, a library study room, or publicly available meeting room.


IMPORTANT:  Faculty are expected to communicate with their students who have testing accommodations to discuss how the student will receive their accommodations on upcoming exams and quizzes.  A variety of options exist for ensuring accessibility for your in-person and remote/online assessments.