Testing Services will no longer offer full class proctoring. For information regarding limited in-person testing, please contact Shaundrea Hirengen at 541-851-5226 or Tanya Coty at 541-885-1790. Testing Services provides accommodated testing support to Oregon Tech students registered with ACES.


Testing Services provides a secure, equitable and professional testing environment that adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of the National College Testing Association and Oregon Institute of Technology.

Due to COVID-19 and Portland-Metro campus closures, the Testing Center is closed. If you are an Oregon Tech student and have special testing circumstances, please reach out to us Monday - Thursday 9-6 pm for assistance: Phone (503) 821-1250 or

Who We Serve

  • New students may require placement testing. Please contact Testing Services for more information.
  • Transcripts from other institutions should be sent to the registrar as soon as possible.
  • Testing Services provides trained student proctors and a secure, quiet testing area.
  • Students requiring a make-up exam should speak directly with their instructor. Approved make-up exams will need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Students with approved testing accommodations through Access & Campus Equity Services (ACES) will need to schedule their exam at least 48 hours in advance.

Services include:

  • Testing space for approved accommodations through ACES.
  • Proctor make-up exams due to illness, athletic travel schedule, and other faculty approved student emergencies.
  • Should an exam need to be proctored in-person at the Testing Center, all Oregon Tech faculty (Klamath Falls and Portland-Metro) are required to submit a test information sheet via TECHweb. All submitted exams are subject to an approval process and MUST be submitted at least 5 business days in advance.
  • Electronic devices are Not allowed in the testing center. E-books must be saved on a flash drive provided by Testing Services.
  • A formal list of policies and procedures can be found under Policies & Procedures.
Shaundrea Hirengen
Assistant Director of the Student Success Center

Hours of Operation

Monday 8am to 5pm
Tuesday 8am to 5pm
Wednesday 8am to 5pm
Thursday 8am to 5pm
Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed