The Owl and Oregon boards are designed for STEM engagement of middle school and high school students.

We use the board at community colleges, high schools, and at various school camps and activities including Hour of Code and Girls Got STEM. Students learn the basics of soldering, circuit components, and programming.


For documentation on the usage of the Oregon or Owl boards, please review the documentation below.

Building the Owl

Building the Oregon Shape

Installing the Software

Pintong, K. P. (2018, March), Engaging middle school and high school students in STEM through a programming, design, and soldering workshop Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Zone IV Conference, Boulder, Colorado.

Source Files (github)

owlboard-FPGA v3

We use this board in the CST 231 – Digital Systems Design course to teach students how to build and program an FPGA based embedded system centered around the Xilinx Spartan 6.

For design files and documentation, please visit the github link below:

Archived Projects


This board is used in CST 337.

Owlboard Jr rev1

This board was the initial revision of the Owlboard and Oregonboard and it is no longer used. For design and documentation files, please visit the link below:

Owlboard Jr rev1 Documents