How to Apply to MSREE

Concurrent Degree Application for applicants currently enrolled in the BSREE or BSEE programs at Oregon Tech.

Applications materials sent directly by the applicant may be emailed to, or mailed. Transcripts, transcript evaluations, and test scores must be mailed from the originating agency (e.g., official transcripts must be mailed from the relevant university).


  • Meet Oregon Tech Graduate Admission Requirements.
  • Degree Qualifications: Baccalaureate degree in engineering, physical science, or related technical discipline with a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or better.
  • Show evidence of:
    1. potential for graduate level academic work
    2. work experience or potential for success in industry
    3. demonstrated interest in energy engineering. This evidence is to be provided as part of a Personal Statement, Resume, and two Reference Evaluations for Graduate Admission.

Application for Admission Requirements

  1. Submit the MSREE Application Form
  2. Submit Official Transcripts
  3. Submit a Personal Statement (2 pages maximum).
  4. Submit a resume (3 pages maximum).
  5. Submit two Reference Evaluations for Graduate Admission.
  6. Submit GRE scores (option): Considered in support of the application to show evidence of potential for graduate success, especially recommended for applicants without work experience or previous graduate level coursework.

For International Students

International students must submit proof of English language proficiency. This is required for international applicants. For more info, see Admissions for International Students

Format of Letters of Recommendation

References of applicants to the MSREE program can provide a Personal Evaluation of the applicant using this form.

References can be emailed to from the evaluator's professional email account, or may be mailed to the address on the evaluation form.

MSREE Program Costs

Tuition is charged on a per credit hour basis, and 54 total graduate credits are required to earn the MSREE. The Tuition and Fees calculator can help you approximate costs per term. You would choose the following options:
Campus: Portland-Metro (in Wilsonville)
Class Standing: Graduate
Residency: Non-resident, unless you are a legal resident of the State of Oregon
Credit hours: Choose at least 9 credit hours when viewing graduate tuition, as this represents a full-time workload for a single term. Tuition and fees change for part-time students taking very few classes, so selecting 1 credit hour and multiplying the cost by 9 will not give you an accurate tuition assessment for full-time studies.
Housing option: off-campus, since the Portland-Metro campus does not offer residence halls.
Special major or program: Engineering and Technology Major

Application for Admissions

Oregon Tech encourages all prospective applicants to submit graduate application materials six months in advance of the planned enrollment date. Priority admission and Graduate Assistantships will be given to applications submitted by March 1st, but applications will be accepted up to May 1st for International Students and up to July 1st for US permanent residents. It is highly recommended applications be submitted as soon as possible.