Meet the Faculty

Kyle Chapman

Kyle Chapman, Assistant Professor


Kyle Chapman is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Population Health Management Program. Before coming to Oregon Tech in 2016, he earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. Dr. Chapman also holds a Master’s degree in Sociology as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Mass Communications from Texas Tech University.

Dr. Chapman is actively working to expand the relatively new program of Population Health Management. The program provides students with a health-specific sociological education that is applicable to the fields of public health and health care. He teaches courses in medical sociology, research methods, and social inequality at Oregon Tech. Dr. Chapman has also conducted a range of research on the role of social factors in physical and mental health conditions at both community- and population-levels. His specific interests are in chronic disease, educational disparities, and health behaviors. He is currently developing a study focused on experiencing diabetes over the life course, diabetes education, and the educators themselves. His work has been featured in Rural Sociology and Child and Adolescent Mental Health.When he is not teaching and conducting research, Kyle enjoys exploring the attraction of the Pacific Northwest with his family.

SophiaLyn Nathenson

SophiaLyn Nathenson, Associate Professor


Sophie Nathenson is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Population Health Management Research Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Tulsa. She also studied history and Spanish at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain, as well as psychology at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

After working in the Czech Republic, she attended the University of Utah, earning a Master of Science in Sociology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Sociology. Dr. Nathenson has been involved in numerous projects related to community service, health research, and cultural enrichment. She has served as a youth mentor, patient mentor, and enrichment program educator. Trained in quantitative statistics methods, her research has focused on coping with cancer, religion and health, alternative medicine, and preventative medicine. Dr. Nathenson loves being in nature, teaching yoga, and exploring the wonders of Klamath County.