Transfer Guides

What are Transfer Guides?

Transfer guides assist students with identifying how courses from a partner community college or university will transfer to a specific degree at Oregon Tech and are NOT official transfer documents.

These guides show what courses a student can take at their current school that will transfer to Oregon Tech. Students do not have to take all courses listed before applying or starting at Oregon Tech unless it is a "pre" program (i.e. Pre-Dental Hygiene).

Upon admission to Oregon Tech, program advisors/faculty, along with our Registrar's Office, can complete an official transfer evaluation. Please use these as guides and contact program advisors/faculty for advising. It is recommended that you seek Oregon Tech advising as soon as possible.

Can't find what you are looking for?

I do not see a course I have taken in the transfer guide

Please use the Transfer Equivalency Database link under the 'Additional Resources' box.
You will be able to search by institution and subject to see course equivalencies.

I do not see my program of interest or my current school is not listed

If you have checked through the listed transfer guides, and do not see what you are looking for:
Fill out our Transfer Guide Request Form.

Please note: This is a request and does not guarantee a new transfer guide will be posted.

Corinne Graves

Corinne Graves, Transfer Outreach Coordinator