Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Scholarships

The Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy department advertises scholarship opportunities to current undergraduate and graduate students to financially assist in their continued education at Oregon Tech. Scholarship awards are based on a variety of criteria including academic performance and financial need. The list of scholarships will be frequently updated with nearing deadlines outlined on the webpage. The scholarships will have qualifications and submission requirements in the posting so please read carefully before submitting your application.


The list of scholarships contained on this webpage is open to only EERE students. For more scholarship information and opportunities open to all Oregon Tech students, please visit the main scholarships resources page found here.

Furthering Career Opportunities

Student Trainee (General Engineering)

This position is part of the Office of Science - Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Department of Energy. As a Student Trainee (General Engineering), you will be assisting and supporting the Office of Science and Technology Information (OSTI) responsibilities and functions for collecting, preserving, and disseminating Department of Energy's scientific and technical information (STI) and Research and Development (R&D).


Apply Here: https://www.usajobs.gov/job/650944500


Powin Energy (Renewable Energy & Electrical Engineering)

Powin is currently looking to hire graduates who are receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Please contact Brittany Cabey at Brittany.cabey@powin.com for more information and see link to job below.


Apply Here: https://powin.breezy.hr/p/a3061749f63a-systems-operations-engineer


Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam study preparation for earning your Engineer-in-Training (EIT) certification will be available soon.
  • It is a step in becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (PE),
  • some jobs out of college are looking for EITs,
  • it sets you apart from the competition,
  • and if you aren’t sure if you will need it, you might want it just in case so your options aren’t limited.
  • Exam study materials,
  • study sessions,
  • and a raffle to pay the exam fee.
  • Recommended near the end of undergrad degree,
  • but you can take it anytime.
  • Tests are given year-round.
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Other Disciplines
Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

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