Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Scholarships

The Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy department advertises scholarship opportunities to current undergraduate and graduate students to financially assist in their continued education at Oregon Tech. Scholarship awards are based on a variety of criteria including academic performance and financial need. The list of scholarships will be frequently updated with nearing deadlines outlined on the webpage. The scholarships will have qualifications and submission requirements in the posting so please read carefully before submitting your application.


The list of scholarships contained on this webpage is open to only EERE students. For more scholarship information and opportunities open to all Oregon Tech students, please visit the main scholarships resources page found here.

Scholarship Opportunities

Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation

The Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation is now soliciting applications for scholarships to be given in 2022. The RESF expects to award seven or eight scholarships in 2022 based upon academic merit, accomplishments in the field, and demonstrated interest. One is reserved for an early undergraduate (preferably community college) student; one for another undergraduate; one for an early graduate student; and the rest are available to students at any level. At least one of these scholarships will be awarded to a diversity candidate, defined as ethnic and racial minorities; first-generation college students; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students; and students with physical disabilities.  One is reserved for a First Nations student--this one is not restricted to OR and WA. Each scholarship is a cash award of $2000 with no strings attached. Please read more about the qualifications and submission requirements on the Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation website.

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