Placement Testing

Placement tests are used to identify which math and writing courses students should take first. These tests help prevent students from enrolling in math and writing courses which are either too difficult or too easy.

Guidelines for the Math Placement Test:

ALL students registering for a first math course at Oregon Tech must take the math placement test.
The ONLY exceptions are:

  • Students who have already completed a math placement exam within the last 12 months at Oregon Tech;
  • Students who, due to transfer or AP classes, are beginning their Oregon Tech math sequence in Math 252 (second term calculus) or higher;
  • Students who have already completed all math requirements for their majors.
  • Students who are transferring to Oregon Tech with a college-level math class that will transfer to Oregon Tech will be placed into the next math sequence for their degree. The math course must have been completed within 12 months of admission.

Why is re-testing important?

Because... if a student took Math 100 at another college, that college's math curriculum for Math 100 may not sequence well with Oregon Tech's Math 111, or the student may have forgotten too much of what was learned in Math 100 to begin Math 111.

Guidelines for the Writing Placement:

  • Students who are transferring to Oregon Tech with a college-level "English Composition" class that will transfer to Oregon Tech (e.g., WR121) will be placed into the next writing sequence for their degree. In these cases, the transfer credit from the other college will be used to guide placement
  • Students who passed an Advance Placement (AP) English course in high school and who, at the end of that course, passed (with a score of 3 or better) the AP Language and Composition Exam, will be placed into WRI 122.
  • Students who took the ACT or SAT within the last three years and had their results reported to Oregon Tech. In this case, the student's ACT English or SAT Writing score will be used to guide placement.
  • Students whose writing placement can't be determined by their transfer credit, ACT/SAT scores, or AP test scores will need to contact Dr. Kari Lundgren ( During the summer term, students should contact Dr. Veronica Koehn (

Guidelines for the Anatomy & Physiology Placement Test:

  • Any student who is in a pre-program such as Pre-MIT, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Nursing, Pre- Medical Lab Science, and Pre- Respiratory Care are required to take the A&P placement test.
  • We highly recommend taking all placement tests before you arrive at Oregon Tech. Not taking your placement tests before you arrive may delay your registration.
  • Students may take the A&P placement test online. Students will need to contact Nyesia Driver at 541-851-5176 or at

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When is Placement Testing Offered?

Placement tests are offered on a regular basis during the term. Students are encouraged to take all placement tests before any New Wings event, which occurs June through September, and as a part of student orientation at the beginning of each term. There is no need to make an appointment. Testing Services is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Also, you may complete your placement test online through ProctorU.

How long do the Placement Tests take?

Students are given 2 hours to complete the ALEKS math placement test. Students usually take between 60-90 minutes. The A&P placement test takes about 15 minutes to complete. There is no writing placement test.

Other Important Information about Placement Testing:

There is no charge for full-time Oregon Tech students who are taking their first placement tests. Students who are re-testing will not be charged a fee unless their exam is proctored online. 

If you are taking your placement tests at the Klamath Falls campus, when your reservation time comes, report to Testing Services in the LRC, room 230 (second floor of the library building) to begin your testing. If you have questions, contact Testing Services Coordinator at 541-851-5176.

How do I Register to take the Placement Tests?

If you are a new student who has been admitted to the college, and you will be participating in a Registration (New Wings) event, please take all placement tests before you arrive. Students who wait to take their placement exams the day of registration will delay their registration appointment. Sign up for the Registration event according to the instructions you receive and you will automatically receive placement testing as part of the Registration event, but you will have a delayed appointment if you have not completed your placement tests upon arrival.

Contact Nyesia Driver ( if you need assistance with scheduling your placement test at the Klamath Falls campus or online. If you wish to take your placement tests at the Portland-Metro campus, contact Jenni Betschart (

What do I need to bring to Placement Testing?

The only thing you need to bring is picture I.D. We will provide scratch paper and pencils. Calculators are not allowed on the math test.

Do I need to study before taking the Placement Tests?

We strongly recommend that you take a practice test before taking a proctored ALEKS placement test. You may review math concepts prior to taking a proctored placement test. In order to effectively review, go to the “ALEKS Placement Test” link and take the unproctored placement test and review modules before taking a proctored test. Also, you may want to obtain a math textbook from your high school or library; study material from a previous math course; access the online practice tests; or you may access math instructional software in Oregon Tech's Student Success Center.

Alternatively, the "Math Practice Problems" link provides practice problems that are designed to assess student readiness for Math 100 (Intermediate Algebra), Math 111 (College Algebra), Math 112 (Trigonometry), and Math 251 (Calculus). If some or all of this material seems over your head, don't panic. Our computer-based system will automatically deliver questions to you which are generally in keeping with your ability level. Also, our placement test is designed to place students into Arithmetic or Elementary Algebra courses when students don't yet have the skills to begin Math 100 (Intermediate Algebra). So, if all of the practice problems are too difficult for you, just study whatever basic arithmetic and elementary algebra that you can, and the test will place you into an appropriate lower-level course.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Contact Testing Services at 541-885-1791.


Testing Services


Here's How To Sign Up

1. Click on the August 22nd Placement Testing Event Tab

2. Select Oregon Tech Testing

3. Select Computer Based Testing

4. Select August 22nd Placement Testing Event

5. Select the time and fill in other info


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