wilsonville housing (002)

The Portland-Metro campus does not have a residence hall or dormitory on campus. All of our students find housing on their own within the metro area.

There are many apartment buildings near campus and in the Wilsonville community. Some students opt to find housing a little farther away from campus and commute into campus from the surrounding metro area.

Below are some resources to help you in your search:

Community based student resources graphic that shows the title of the service, an owl with wings spread out between a mountain and a building.
All Locations
Student Involvement & Belonging offers resources and staff to get students connected with local community-based support services in order to meet their basic needs with regards to financial instability, food-insecurity, housing needs locally, learning about navigating and applying to local, state, and federal need programs towards personal enrichment and student success. Campus-based programs for ALL students to benefit from include: Bird Feeder student food pantry, Owl Feathers Exchange clothing closet, and Book Depot textbook recycling program.
Basic Needs Coordinator: basicneeds@oit.edu