What is Oregon Tech doing to protect my CASHNet® account information?

Is CASHNet® as secure as a telephone transaction?

  • Yes, it is very secure because it conforms to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)

  • Oregon Tech has always guarded your account information but this system is even more secure

  • In addition to CASHNet® and Oregon Tech’s security obligations, you are responsible for keeping your transaction secure (see next question for additional details)

How can I be sure my CASHNet® information is secure?

  • You should make sure your transactions are done in a secure setting (if you are using a public computer make sure you sign out and close all open browsing windows)

  • You should never leave your computer logged into CASHNet® when you are not using it

  • You should never let anyone else log into your CASHNet® account with your account ID and password

  • Parents or Benefactors should login only with their Benefactor ID you create for them

  • Do not share your login or password (pin) with anyone (no one in the Cashier's Office will ever ask you for your password)

Can my Benefactor see my bank account number?

  • No one else can see your "Saved Accounts" information

  • You cannot see your Benefactor's "Saved Accounts" information

  • Benefactor's can see payment information but no account numbers are visible

Oregon Tech Bill

Why doesn’t my Oregon Tech Student ID and PIN work when I try to log into CASHNet®?

  • You will not be able to login to CASHNet® using your social security number
    • If your student ID number was your social security number, you will need to contact the Registrar's Office (541.885.1300 or registrar@oit.edu) to obtain your unique student ID number
  • Your Oregon Tech student ID starts with “918”, you will need contact the Registrar's Office (541.885.1300 or registrar@oit.edu) if you do not know your student ID number
  • Your CASHNet® password is the same as your Web for Student PIN
    • Your default PIN is your date of birth in six digit format (MMDDYY)
      • For example, January 1, 1992 would be 010192
    • If you do not know your PIN you will need contact the Registrar's Office (541.885.1300 or registrar@oit.edu)

What do the terms eBill and ePayment mean?


Short for Electronic Bill


Short for Electronic Payment (sometimes referred to as an eCheck or ACH Transfer)

All of CASHNet®’s transactions are processed electronically through the internet

Who has access to my CASHNet® account?

Only users you set-up in the Benefactor PINs section of your CASHNet® login will have access to view your eBills and make payments on your behalf. No one at Oregon Tech has access to view, change or add users to your Benefactors' login information.

  • You will be responsible for adding/removing Benefactors from your login (you will assign user names and passwords when you set up Benefactors)
  • If one of your Benefactors has forgotten their name and/or password you will be responsible for providing them with their user name or resetting their password (we cannot reset student PINs or Benefactor passwords in the Cashier's Office)

It is more secure if you do not let others process transactions using your login. Sharing a login can result in access to bank account or credit card information you may not wish to share with the other person. Students should only access CASHNet® using their own login, and should provide a unique Benefactor login to each Benefactor they wish to have access.

Can I give my parents access to my CASHNet® account?

Yes, you may set your parents up as Benefactors in the "Benefactor PINs" section of your CASHNet® login.

  • Benefactors can login at anytime to make payments on the account or view eBills and Recent Activity
  • Benefactor financial information will be secured to their unique login (saved account information will only be viewable by the Benefactor
  • Benefactors may change their password or email address in their own login at any time
  • If a Benefactor on your account forgets their login you will need to provide it to them (you will also have to perform any password resets your Benefactors may need)

Any Benefactors on your account will be listed in the "Benefactor PINs" section of your CASHNet® login. You can add or remove Benefactors as often and whenever you would like. The "Benefactor PINs" section also contains a password reset function you will need to use if one of your Benefactors has forgotten their password (we cannot provide Benefactors with login information or reset passwords in the Cashier's Office - we do not have access to this information).

Can my parents access CASHNet® without going through Web for Student?

Yes, Benefactors can access CASHNet® in one of two ways:

Is CASHNet® my only option for managing my Oregon Tech account balance?

To Pay with cash, check or Easy Refund℠ MasterCard:

  • You can send a check to Oregon Tech, Attention: Cashier's Office
  • You can come to the Cashier’s Office window and pay with cash, check or Easy Refund℠ MasterCard (Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 3:00 pm)

Paying with a credit card or Electronic Check:

  • Credit card payments (other than Easy Refund℠ MasterCards) can only be processed through CASHNet®
  • ePayments (electronic check payments) can only be processed through CASHNet®


  • All refunds are processed through BankMobile® (see BankMobile Refund or BankMobile Refund FAQ for additional details)
  • You must select the ACH Transfer option through Easy Refund℠ to receive a Direct Deposit refund

If you previously filled out a Direct Deposit form at Oregon Tech or online through CASHNet® it is no longer valid.

What happens if Web for Student is down?

  • You can still manage your account on the CASHNet® website
  • The account balance you see will be the balance as of the start of the day business day Web for Student crashed.
  • When Web for Student is back-up CASHNet® will update your student account with any payments you made while Web for Student was down

Why should I use CASHNet® when I can go to the Oregon Tech Cashier’s Office window?

CASHNet® is always open:

  • CASHNet® is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week (even holidays)
  • Cashier's Office window is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

CASHNet® is convenient:

  • You can manage your student account using CASHNet® from the convenience of your home anytime
  • No more lines

CASHNet® has more payment options:

  • CASHNet® accepts ePayments and credit card transactions (if using MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Diner's Club)
    • A 2.75% convenience fee applies to all credit or debit card transactions (see "What is the credit card or convenience fee?" for more details)
  • Cashier's Office window only accepts cash or check (we cannot accept credit card payments - except Easy Refund℠ MasterCards)

When should I pay my bill, because I have an account balance but I do not have a current bill?

  • Any current balance on your account is due immediately
    • eBills (electronic statements) are sent to student email accounts as well as Benefactor email addresses around the 15th of each month
    • Transactions that occur between statements can be viewed on Web for Student or on CASHNet® by clicking the "View Recent Activity" link
  • A late payment fee of $99 is assessed on balances not paid by the due date (2nd Friday of the term) as well as balances not paid by the end of the term
  • Interest (of approx. 1%) is assessed around the 15th of each month on open balances older than 30 days
  • It is suggested you pay on your account whenever you see a current balance in the “Your Account” block in CASHNet®

What time of month can I expect a new eBill (electronic statement)?

  • eBills (electronic statements) are generated around the 15th of each month and sent to student email accounts as well as Benefactor emails
    • Interest (of approx. 1%) is assessed on open balances older than 30 days around the 15th of each month as well

Why don’t I have an eBill when I have an account balance?

  • eBills are only generated once per month around the 15th ;and your transaction may have been placed on your student account after the bill was generated
  • eBills are not generated for student accounts with a zero or negative balance due
  • Future due (charges for next term) amounts are not included on eBills
  • Any current balances are due when the charge is incurred

How do my parents pay my bill when they don’t have a computer?

You will need to provide them with a copy of your eBill (if they wish to see it, and you wish for them to have it), we cannot send statements to anyone except the account holder (student).

Payments can be:
  • Mailed to the Oregon Tech Cashier's Office
    • Cashier's Office
    • Oregon Institute of Technology
    • 3201 Campus Dr
    • Klamath Falls, OR 97601
  • Made in Person at the Oregon Tech Cashier’s Office window with cash or check (Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm)

How are we notified about our electronic statement (eBill)?

  • eBill notices for students are sent to student email accounts (john.doe@oit.edu)
  • eBill notices for Benefactors are sent to the email address you have provided in CASHNet®

What if I miss my eBill notice (I don’t access my Oregon Tech email regularly)?

  • You still are responsible for paying your bill on time even if you did not receive an email notice
  • You can login to CASHNet® at anytime to check your current balance and see any recent activity
  • You shouldn't wait to get the notice if you see you have an account balance, because you can pay on your account at anytime
  • Your current account balance is due at the time you incur the charge, so you shouldn't wait to receive a notice with a due date
  • If you would like to receive an email notice on an email account other than your student email account, you can set yourself up with an alternate ID in the Benefactor PINs section
    • Don’t rely on this option for all your CASHNet® communication (other communications will still be sent to your student email account)

Electronic Payments

I am in CASHNet®, but how do I make an ePayment?

  1. Navigate to the ePayment form by pressing "Make Payment" button in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen (scroll all the way to the top of the page)

  2. Press the line item you want to make a payment on

  3. If you are paying on a current balance it will default to the total amount, which you may change it if you are making a partial payment

  4. Complete information for the line item you have selected

  5. After you have filled in the requested information, press "Add to Basket"

  6. You may continue shopping or if you are done press the "Checkout" button

  7. Follow the instructions to fill out the ePayment information (you will need to provide your bank account number and routing number)

    • If you have questions about how to identify your account and/or routing number (normally located at the bottom of your checks) please contact your bank or credit union for assistance

    • Debit cards cannot be used for this type of payment (if you want to use a debit card you will need to select the credit card payment method)

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Why does Oregon Tech charge a convenience fee when I use my credit card?

  • The convenience (merchant) fee is actually assessed by the credit card companies (Oregon Tech does not make any money on these fees)

  • Each time a credit card is used the credit card company assesses a convenience fee

    • Oregon Tech has paid these convenience fees to the credit card companies in the past, however with the cost and frequency of these fees climbing we have not been able to continue absorbing these costs

    • Rather than asking all students to absorb these fees in the form of increased student fees, we feel that the cost of the convenience fee should fall on the person using the service

  • CASHNet® automatically assesses the convenience fee to only credit card transactions, so that fee does not have to be passed on to the student body

What is the credit card or convenience fee?

  • The credit card companies consider the action of charging a convenience for the card holder

  • The customer who uses this service will pay 2.75% convenience fee

Can I use my debit card to make a payment?

  • Yes, however debit card payments will be processed as a "credit card" transaction

    • The convenience fee of 2.75% will apply to all debit card transactions

    • Do not attempt to enter your debit card information as an ePayment (it will not process correctly and you will be assessed a returned item fee of $25)

What credit cards are accepted by Oregon Tech at the CASHNet® site?

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted by Oregon Tech through CASHNet®

    • All credit or debit card transactions are assessed a 2.75% convenience fee for each transaction

How do I get to the credit card option so I can pay my bill?

  • Oregon Tech offers the option to pay by either credit card or ePayment all within the same login

  • From your "basket" click the "Checkout" button

    • You will be asked to select a payment method (you will either see "Enter new credit card information." if you have not previously saved your credit card to CASHNet®, or "Use saved credit card information.")

    • Select the option that applies to you, and CASHNet® will walk you through the rest of the process