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Payroll Services

Employee Pay Information @ TECHweb

Web for Employee - allows you to view your earnings statements (pay stubs), leave balances, tax forms, and much more.

Web for Employee Access Instructions - easy to use instructions for web for employees.

Understanding Your Paycheck

From withholding taxes to deductions, a paycheck can be quite confusing. The Office of Human Resources – Payroll Services understands this and has heard many of you express this same frustration. To assist you in reading and understanding your paycheck, the Office of Human Resources has created a helpful resource called Understanding Your Pay Stub. In this resource, you will find a sample pay statement, pay statement details, and payroll deduction codes used at Oregon Tech.

Understanding Your Pay Stub

Pay Deduction Codes

Payroll Calendar

Oregon Tech processes payroll through the University Shared Services Enterprise or USSE (formerly Oregon University System) Banner program on a monthly basis, with paychecks issued on the last working day of each month. Our payroll processing dates are synchronized with to the USSE tied to key processing dates. To assist our clients in understanding payroll deadlines tied to the USSE, please refer to our payroll schedule below:

Payroll Deadlines Calendar

Web Time Entry Instructions

Below are the official time, leave, and other forms required to be used for payroll processing and record keeping at Oregon Tech:

For Classified and Unclassified Employees:
Web Time Entry Instructions for Classified Employees
Web Time Entry Instructions for Unclassified Administrative Employees

For Student and Temporary Employees:
Web Time Entry Instructions for Students and Temporary Employees

For Approval:
Web Time Entry Instructions for Approval

Karen Blevins, Associate Director - Payroll Services

 Snell Hall - 109

Mary Chivers, Payroll Coordinator

 Snell Hall - 109

Employee Payroll Donation Forms

Other Payroll Forms