The Oregon Public Universities - Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Portland State University, the University of Oregon, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University offer eligible employees (not including temporary classified employees, graduate assistants, or other student employees) the option to register for classes at reduced tuition rates.

An eligible employee, upon approval by the university president or designee, may register for a maximum of twelve credit hours per term at staff fee rates, under the terms and conditions described in the Academic Year Fee Book.

Eligible employees may transfer their staff fee privileges to family members or domestic partners upon verification that the transferee is a qualified recipient of transferred staff fee privileges.

For questions concerning this employee benefit, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 541.885.1120 or in Snell Hall, Room 111.

For employees wanting more information regarding excluded programs, please contact each campus, typically the registrar, for specifics on each program.  

Oregon Tech excludes the following programs:
1. High School Transition Program
2. Advanced College Placement
3. Boeing Program
4. Self-support Programs
5. Online Education Courses for non-Oregon Tech employees and their qualifying family members*
6. Programs offered by OHSU on an OIT campus
7.  Doctoral Programs


*Please note: The staff fee rate for Oregon Tech online courses only applies to Oregon Tech employees and their qualifying family members, as a pilot, for Winter 2021 through Spring 2026.  In Spring 2026 the pilot will be reviewed for possible continuation.  Online courses must be taken for credit in order to qualify.  Online courses taken for audit will not be discounted.   

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