Dawn Bailey 2022

Oregon Tech Behavior Improvement Group (BIG) Clinic Director Dawn Bailey, Ph.D., has been named president-elect of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), an international organization that supports the needs and interests of behavior analytic practitioners.

In addition to clinic director, Dr. Bailey is an associate professor at Oregon Tech and practicum coordinator of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) graduate program.

“I’m honored to be part of an organization whose mission is so well aligned with Oregon Tech’s ABA programs,” Dr. Bailey said. “APBA provides behavior analysts valuable support, education, and information to ensure high-quality services are provided to our most vulnerable populations. I look forward to continuing to serve the field and APBA over the next several years.”

Dr. Bailey is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 25 years of experience designing behavioral and learning programs for a variety of populations, including persons with emotional/behavioral disorders, autism, and other developmental disabilities. She is a frequent presenter at behavior analysis conferences and gives workshops to teachers, parents, and staff on a variety of topics related to the practice of behavior analysis.

Dr. Bailey received her graduate training in applied behavior analysis at Florida State University, where she also received her Ph.D. She was a consultant to school districts, private families, and state agencies in Florida for 17 years and served as an adjunct faculty member at Florida State University and the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Dr. Bailey is Past-President of the Oregon Association for Behavior Analysis and the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (FABA) and held a position for many years on the executive committee of FABA.

More information about the BIG Clinic and Oregon Tech’s ABA graduate degree are available at https://bigaba.oit.edu/ and www.oit.edu/academics/degrees/msaba.