Dr. Roger Lindgren, Caroline Schulze, Thomas Dodgen
Dr. Roger Lindgren, Caroline Schulze, Thomas Dodgen

Caroline Schulze and Thomas Dodgen, Civil Engineering students at Oregon Tech, have been awarded scholarships from the Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon (APAO) Educational Foundation, a nonprofit trade organization representing the interests of the asphalt paving industry.

Caroline is on track to graduate in 2023 with a bachelor's and master's degree in civil engineering. Originally from Loveland, Colorado, she chose Oregon Tech's engineering program because of the unique nature that prioritizes hands-on complex design skills and the importance of how humans and the natural environment interact with infrastructure. After receiving the scholarship, Caroline shared, "I would like to thank all the civil engineering professors for encouraging and supporting me throughout the years. My love for civil engineering has only grown because of their enthusiasm for the profession. I'm very thankful for this scholarship and the opportunities my professors have established for me this year."

Thomas will graduate this spring with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He shares that his small hometown of Adin, California, greatly values practicality, work ethic, and quality interactions. “Oregon Tech was an immediate fit for me,” he said. “I was originally interested in Mechanical Engineering, but upon meeting with some of the Oregon Tech professors on a visit, such as Dr. Riley and Dr. Lindgren, I knew that Civil Engineering was the way to go. I love the types of classes that are taught and how the professors make sure to relay the information into real-world applications. Also, the Civil Engineering faculty are notorious for going above and beyond to ensure that the students have the skills to obtain great jobs, then help the students find great jobs.”

Oregon Tech maintains a decades-long relationship with APAO and the Oregon asphalt pavements industry—APAO was instrumental in establishing the Oregon Tech Pavement Engineering Lab in Cornett Hall. Dr. Roger Lindgren, Civil Engineering department chair and professor noted that several APAO members commented on the high-quality applications from Oregon Tech students and were impressed with the hands-on experiences that Oregon Tech students have in the Pavement Lab.

This year the APAOEF awarded four scholarships to students enrolled in engineering programs who are interested in road and highway infrastructure and the materials and methods used to design our roads and highways. Other winners were from Oregon Tech, Oregon State University and the University of Idaho.