Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Graham, Computer/Software Engineering Technology

Jacob Graham was born in Eureka, CA, moved to Seattle, WA at age eight so his father could attend physical therapy school and the family ended up in Klamath Falls when Jacob was 12. Jacob attended both Henley Middle School and Henley High School. He knew from the time he was in middle school that he wanted to pursue a career in the engineering field and recalls looking through Oregon Tech’s class offerings from a young age. After he compared their programs to other schools, Oregon Tech was the only school he applied for when he graduated high school in 2000.

Alumni Spotlight: Jason Sullins, Electronics Engineering Technology

Jason Sullins grew up in rural Boring, Oregon, as a third-generation Oregonian. Raised in the country, much of Jason's childhood was spent building things, inventing, and working in construction with his father, which cultivated much of the creativity and resourcefulness used later in his engineering career. Growing up well below the poverty level, Jason took it upon himself to build a college savings account.

Arc sculpture highlights beauty of art and engineering outside Cornett Hall

As Oregon Tech faculty and students rejoin campus this September, workers put the finishing touches on a permanent art installation in the southwest corner of Cornett Hall.

Commissioned by the Oregon Arts Commission Percent for Art program, which allocates funds for art in public spaces, the piece titled “Fibonacci’s Arc” presents a striking feature at nearly 38-foot-tall of layered steel and completes the renovation of Oregon Tech’s Cornett Hall.