In Oregon, as in all other states, tuition at publicly supported four-year universities is higher for nonresident students than for resident students. The rules used in determining residency seek to ensure that only bona fide Oregon residents are assessed the resident fee.


You may be an Oregon resident for tuition purposes if:
  • You moved to Oregon for reasons other than to attend school

  • You have lived in Oregon for at least 12 months and are financially independent 

  • You are a member of the armed services assigned to duty and living in Oregon.

  • You are an enrolled member of a Native American Tribe  which had traditional and customary tribal boundaries that included parts of the state of Oregon, or which had ceded or reserved lands within the state of Oregon.

  • You have been approved for permanent residency in the U.S. and meet all other domicile and financial conditions.

  • You are financially dependent upon an Oregon resident who has been living in Oregon for at least 12 months has claimed you as a dependent for tax purposes.

You may not be considered an Oregon resident for tuition purposes if:
  • You enrolled in a college or university for more than eight hours per term for undergraduate students (6 per term for graduate students) within 12 months of moving to Oregon.

  • Someone living in another state has claimed you as a dependent on state and/or federal tax returns.

  • Your primary source of financial support comes from someone living outside Oregon.

  • You are a nonresident alien possessing one of the following nonimmigrant or temporary visas: B, C, D, F, J, or M.

Please refer to the Residency Standards for a full review of all rules as it relates to becoming an Oregon resident for tuition purposes. 

Only duly authorized residency officers have the authority to apply and interpret these rules and procedures. No other indication or determination of residency by any other institutional office, department, program, or staff represents the official institutional determination of residency.


Residency affidavits and all supporting documents must be received by the deadline for each term to be considered. The deadline is always the last day to register for any given term with the specific dates outlined below. If you have any questions regarding residency please contact the Registrar's Office. 


Term Deadline
Fall 2023 October 13, 2023
Winter 2024 January 19, 2024
Spring 2024 April 12, 2024
Summer 2024 July 5, 2024