Ellis Harwood
Student, Class of 2024

Extracurricular Activities

- Men's Soccer Team - Soon joining the SAE Baja Team

A Little Bit About Me

I've had an amazing time gaining new skills and meeting great people here at Oregon Tech. I love soccer and being able to play while learning more about Mechanical Engineering has been a blessing. I enjoy spending my time outdoors, whether it be hiking, swimming, or going on walks with friends looking at the sunset. Luckily, I've met some awesome people in my mechanical engineering program and have had no problems making friends to hangout/ share ideas with!

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

Oregon Tech was my primary choice when it came to school due to the Mechanical Engineering and Soccer opportunities. Mechanical Engineering offered a variety of learning possibilities and I wanted to study an innovative major. Mechanical Engineering allows for work across multiple platforms that are the forefront of engineering. Right now, my interest is in semiconductors and how they are having a huge impact on what we do every day.

My Influential Professors

My favorite and most influential professor is Tim Pasang. He is a someone who will keep you engaged and wants you to learn beyond what he is teaching. He has a knack for connecting what we learn to stories of real situations that he has seen or come across in industry. Pasang illustrated the seriousness of engineering as well as the creative side of engineering, specifically in materials science. He has influenced me to think about engineering in a very positive light, and how it takes place everywhere!

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech has allowed me to be hands-on in my studies every year. Whether it is welding/ machining, fluid mechanics, or power systems. The labs that Oregon Tech provides have a great impact on my learning experience! Learning the types of welding and then implementing into projects was incredible and will always be my fondest experience. However, this last year I learned how to design using a computer aided design software called CREO. I learned how to create 3-Dimensional objects, parts, and tools that companies in industry have used. The course was in-depth and pushed me to think outside the box. It was very satisfying to learn and create using this software! Creating and designing parts using a computer was a great learning experience.

My Plans After Graduation

Once I graduate, I want to jump into engineering. Right now I am reaching out to a semiconductor company, and I will continue to reach out to other companies. Oregon Tech offers a career fair that has exposed me to all types of engineering companies! I will be attending the next fair this fall. I seek to join an engineering group that positively impacts our day to day lives. I am also going to join the SAE Baja team this fall which will expose me to mechanical systems related to the auto industry. I hope to learn more about my interests and the possibility of going into the automobile industry!