Mathew Dougan

Student Class of 2022 | Civil Engineering
“My favorite part of the Civil Engineering program is the professors. I think they are all great people who have worked in the field before becoming professors, which has only enhanced their teaching ability.”
Mathew Dougan

Mark French

Student Class of 2021 | Mechanical Engineering
“I chose Oregon Tech because of its highly reputable engineering program and its flourishing athletic programs.”
Mark French

Samuel Sowanick

Alumni Class of 2019 | Biology-Health Sciences
“Oregon Tech is close to the community that it creates; it’s small. Small enough that my classmates are also my friends...”

Merlin Fäerber

Alumni Class of 2019 | Manufacturing Engineering Technology
“At OIT, most classes teach in lecture and later the knowledge is applied in labs.”

Tanner Karp

Alumni Class of 2020 | Business
“One of the figures that stood out to me when looking at schools was the return on investment, and Oregon Tech excels in that field.”

Ashlei Morgan

Alumni Class of 2019 | Mechanical Engineering
“I picked mechanical engineering because I like understanding how things work, and I wanted a chance to create new products that make a positive difference in the world around me.”
Ashlei Morgan

Travis Thomas

Alumni Class of 2019 | Applied Psychology
“I plan on using the skills I have learned in school and in my own life for working with children.”
Travis Thomas