Michael Gray

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Biology-Health Sciences
“At Oregon Tech, students can take on a demanding major such as Biology-Health Sciences and play a sport at the same time. Smaller class sizes allow students to work effectively with professors when missing classes for athletics.”

Kenzie Cooper

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Applied Psychology
“Once I complete my bachelor's degree in applied psychology, I will apply to grad school at Oregon Tech for the Marriage and Family Therapy program. I have found a great passion for counseling and helping others.”

Vitaliy Tveritin

Klamath Falls
“My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech has been getting to be hands-on with electronics and power system technology that integrates both theory and practice together. I am beyond grateful for the open lab rooms at Oregon Tech that I get to use, whereas a lot of schools cannot.”

Callie Lauren Drescher

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Dental Hygiene
“After having gone on my volunteer trip to Grenada to provide free dental hygiene care this past summer, my passion for helping others has only been fueled more. With that, I would also love to make a dental hygiene volunteer trip annually for as long as I can.”

Zachary Lor

Klamath Falls
“The greatest learning experience has been the tough classwork and high expectations of the professors. Although it is very very stressful, these professors help us achieve feats that I would have never imagined myself understanding or being able to explain to other peers.”

Clerisse Dacumos

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2026 | Software Engineering Technology
“My plans include helping my family financially and bringing more innovation into my island home. I plan to use my degree to bring joy or improvement into the world.”

Shawn Ostrander

Student Class of 2026 | Cybersecurity
“I bring many new qualities to Oregon Tech. I am a Latino coming from a rural town, and as such will be able to put forward many new solutions to problems coming from my background.”

Ginger Armstrong

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Echocardiography
“Before my time here at Oregon Tech I had become a very independent, task-oriented student who was good at advocating for herself. I still consider those traits to be strengths but because of the incredible staff at Oregon Tech, I have also learned that there is strength to be found in my peer groups as well.”

Patrick Giraudo

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2023 | Biology-Health Sciences
“I decided to attend Oregon Tech because of the prestigious programs offered, the high percentage of graduating students either finding jobs or continuing their education afterward, and the small class sizes.”

Eva Brady

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Radiologic Science
“I would say one of my greatest learning experiences has to be the importance of having a support system. Oregon Tech is a challenging school, and having a friend group that you can study with or someone you can rely on to relieve stress is something I discovered to be crucial to my success.”

Lydia Poss

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Biology-Health Sciences
“I feel as though I have learned a great deal about what it means to be a student from both Dr. Gandhi and Dr. Clark, two professors who teach in the Natural Sciences department. Whenever I had doubts about the likelihood of my succeeding in their classes, they have shown me nothing but encouragement.”

Noah Azzopardi

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2025 | Mechanical Engineering
“I chose Oregon Tech because of the opportunities it brings to its students. With opportunities like MECOP for internships and several engineering teams and clubs, I can find exactly what I like to do and learn and build my career with it.”

Adama Toure

Student Class of 2023 | Renewable Energy Engineering
“Since I started at Oregon Tech, I've learned how to work in a group to develop complex ideas and projects. Things that were extremely daunting for me at first are now normal. For instance, building my own power supply, or a control for a stepper motor. The time spent on building and troubleshooting is really my greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech.”

Kyrie Bartolome

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2025 | Diagnostic Medical Sonography
“When I was a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in the medical field, but I didn’t have anything specific in mind until my sister had an emergency ultrasound. Throughout her exam, I found it fascinating to be able to see the inside of the human body.”

Ben Hogervorst

Klamath Falls
“My primary reason for choosing Oregon Tech was the small class sizes. I want to know my professors personally, and that’s harder to do at larger schools with bigger class sizes.”

Joshua Alejandre

Klamath Falls
Student Class of 2024 | Civil Engineering
“My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech has come from class comradery. With the class sizes being small, I have learned how to work well in groups in order to solve complex problems.”

Jade Kast

Student Class of 2023 | Medical Laboratory Science
“I chose Oregon Tech for the Medical Laboratory Science program because it is a rigorous program that will be beneficial for me in order to start my career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I really look forward to getting hands-on job experience during the externship portion of the program.”