Eva Brady
Student, Class of 2025
Eugene, Oregon

Extracurricular Activities

I am a student-athlete with the Oregon Tech Track and Field program, where I run the 400m and 800m races.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m from Eugene, OR and went to Willamette High School where my love for track began. I’ve been running track since I was 14 and have loved every year of it. I’m very grateful I’m able bodied to be able to do track at Oregon Tech and have loved being a part of the track and field community here.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

One of the main things I needed my future career to have was that I’d get to do something different every day, and that I’d be making a difference. Once I brought my focus down to the medical field, and then medical imaging, x-ray was definitely the most intriguing. Oregon Tech is in-state for me, and with its amazing reputation in medical imaging, I knew I had to come here and get the best education I could.

My Influential Professors

Now that I’m a sophomore in my program (Rad Science), I can confidently say that the whole staff of this particular program has proven to be influential in my journey in very unique ways. I’ve had particularly close relationships with my professors Carrie Giacomelli and Rich Carson, and their cooperation with my athletic demands has proven to be crucial to my success in such a rigorous program. Again, all of my professors have been stellar in giving me support in my endeavors, and I’m forever grateful for them putting their faith in me as a student here at Oregon Tech.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

A learning experience that I’ve endured at Oregon Tech, one that I believe is a bit underrated, is the importance of prioritizing and strengthening your support systems. The shift into a very academically challenging program quickly made me realize how much I relied on my friends and family, and how none of my achievements at Oregon Tech would have happened without my support system. With this, I’ve learned to better navigate how to not only succeed in a rigorous program, but to do so with a stable and healthy mental state.

My Plans After Graduation

My future plans are to work at the extern site I end up at for my senior year for an additional 2 years to gain some more experience. My goal is to dabble in being a traveling technologist and go to places I’ve never been before.