Faith Stice
Student, Class of 2025

Extracurricular Activities

Respiratory Club Vice President, TOP Program, Senior Resident Advisor, Kappa Xi Alpha (sorority) and my personal interests are hiking, painting, reading, and outdoor activities

A Little Bit About Me

I moved to Oregon right before I started high school and fell in love with all it offered. I enjoy hiking, swimming, family time, traveling, and being at the beach. I also tend to be very competitive with my siblings when it comes to academics, so I have always loved achieving my academic goals. I really enjoy traveling to see family and have been fortunate enough to visit them quite a few times this year. My little sister is also one of my best friends and I love setting a great example for her, as my oldest sister did for me. I also love being outdoors and just spending time out in nature as much as possible. Another activity I enjoy is reading in my free time. I love thriller novels and taking time to ‘escape’ my studies and putting time aside for myself.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech because I had heard about the outstanding medical programs here and have learned so much about them since attending and ultimately chose Respiratory Care. I find the respiratory system very interesting and love the fact that they are everywhere throughout the hospital. I want to be passionate about my future career and I know that Respiratory Care keeps me very interested and learning.

My Influential Professors

My most influential professors this past year have been Rose McClure and Lauren Neilsen. I learned so much from Professor McClure when I took pathophysiology and she always makes herself available to students and offers to explain in further detail what she is teaching. I have also learned so much from Lauren and she makes me feel well-prepared to go into my junior year. I can tell that they both love their jobs and what they teach, and this encourages students to have the same mindset when taking on new subjects.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

My greatest learning experience at Oregon Tech has been learning what I am truly capable of. I never thought that I would be the first to step into a leadership position until I started to get involved more on campus. I have learned that I am okay with stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to better myself and my skill set. I learned that through dedication and by taking a chance that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

My Plans After Graduation

After I graduate, I would like to get settled within my field and then further my education to a Masters Degree. I love to learn and the medical field is always growing and evolving so I enjoy giving the best information and care I can possibly give. I would also love to travel and explore the United States, so maybe I will consider travel work. I also know that I will be prioritizing my family more after I graduate, by taking more trips to see them and watching my nephews and nieces grow up.