Jayce Seavert
Student, Class of 2025

Extracurricular Activities

Oregon Tech Softball Player (2021-present)

A Little Bit About Me

I am senior, duel majoring in Population Health Management and Communication. I play on the Oregon Tech softball team as a catcher and middle infielder. I enjoy being outdoors and hiking whenever I can, but sitting down with a good book is always a good time too.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech for the degrees offered and the opportunities that come with completing their degrees. Their softball program was also very strong, and I knew it would only make me better as both an athlete and a student. My major helps to open the door to many job opportunities once college is completed. It puts me in a position to work in a variety of different settings and locations.

My Influential Professors

Kyle Chapman, Riley Richards

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

I’ve learned that there is always someone willing to help when you’re struggling, whether that is a professor, a student, or a tutor program offered through the institution. The isn’t just one leader within this school, there is a large number of professors and students that strive to make the school a better place.

My Plans After Graduation

After graduation, I plan on seeking a career in nutritional health and awareness or a position related agricultural health and distribution.