Luke Roth
Student, Class of 2025
Warren, Oregon
Luke Roth

Extracurricular Activities

Student Manager for Oregon Tech Men's and Women's Basketball & Softball, Sports Information Student Assistant at Oregon Tech, Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach at Lakeview HS, substitute teacher for Lakeview School District, lead reporter for Mid-Major-Media, lead reporter for the Lake County Examiner.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Luke Roth, and I grew up in the small town of Warren, located in Columbia County, Oregon. I graduated from Clatskanie High School in 2019 and began my collegiate path at Midland University. My plans were to play football and baseball, but then the pandemic hit. Being home for an extended time made me want to stay in-state for college, so I transferred to Oregon Tech in the Fall of 2021. I played baseball all fall at Tech but couldn't stay healthy and decided to pursue options off the field. Pursuing these other options has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I work directly with the athletic department, having created multiple social media platforms to better represent males and females on campus. Sports are my biggest passion, and Oregon Tech has allowed me to pursue that.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech because of the opportunities it offers students in and out of the classroom. At Oregon Tech, we have the opportunity and the resources to learn, grow, and gain first-hand experience applicable to our area of study. The institution and athletic department have provided me with a multitude of ways to build my skill set, and I believe it will benefit me immensely once I graduate.

My Influential Professors

Three of the most influential professors I've had so far at Oregon Tech have been Riley Richards, Kevin Brown, and Sandra Bailey. Richards has always been open, honest, and available with me throughout the various communication courses he teaches. Brown is the head of my Coaching Minor program and has assisted me with multiple opportunities while teaching me how to analyze things below the surface level. Finally, Professor Bailey was one of the first teachers I had on campus, and with her guidance, constant availability, and willingness to help, I was immediately able to learn essential Microsoft Information System courses specific to my major.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

By Riley Richards. It was a course where people with various different beliefs and views collectively shared their opinions in a safe and respectful environment. This allowed me to learn a lot more about my peers than meets the eye and open myself up to my fellow classmate's points of view.

My Plans After Graduation

Once I graduate from Oregon Tech, I plan on pursuing my master's in Athletic Administration at the University of Washington. Once I complete my academic path, I want to start working as an Athletic Director or a Business Director for a Professional Sports Franchise.