Mitchell Fink
Alumni, Class of 2021
Clackamas, OR

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech because I was interested in continuing my education and basketball career and Oregon Tech allowed me to both of those things at a high level. The school stood out to me with the small class sizes and allowing students to learn through hands on processes. The basketball program stood out to me because of the great culture of the program and the amazing support from the school and community.

What do you like best about your major?

My favorite part of the Communication major is the relationships that I have built with other students and teachers. The small class sizes allow for the students to learn at your own pace and in your own way. The teachers have been great and always made sure that with any missed classes for sports I still was able to learn the material and finish my work for the class.

What is your favorite memory from Oregon Tech?

My favorite memory at Oregon Tech would have to be playing for the national championship in Sioux Falls on ESPN3. To be able to represent the school and community in that way was an amazing experience and something that I will never forget.

What career do you hope to have after you graduate from Oregon Tech?

After graduation, I plan to play basketball professionally overseas and eventually return to a collegiate coaching career. My goal is to become a head coach at a four-year university.

What clubs or activities are you involved with?

I have been a part of the communications major and I was the vice president for the major for one year. For this job, I was able to help organize many events, one of them being the communication dinner party which I enjoy each term very much. Being able to be a part of that process was something that I enjoyed and has stood out to me in my four years at Oregon Tech.

What would you say to the donor or donors who support Oregon Tech. What does their support mean to you?

The support from the donors means everything to me. Without them, a lot of us students would not be able to attend a school like this and we are so thankful that they allow us that opportunity. Their support has also given me motivation both on the court and in the classroom to keep going and to work harder. To know that there are donors that care for us and want us to succeed gives us all the motivation that we need and we will never be able to thank them enough for that.