Student, Class of 2025

Extracurricular Activities

Oregon Tech Robo Sub, Lab Assistant/ Lab Technician Math Tutor, Maker Space Club, Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, Intramural Volleyball

A Little Bit About Me

I grew up in Salem and before that Monmouth. In high school, I was very interested in robotics. I competed in the First Lego League, the First Robotics Competition, and VEX Robotics. During my junior year of high school, my team won the Oregon State Competition for VEX Robotics. We also placed 63rd in the world for individual scoring. I am still interested in robotics, so I joined the Robo Sub team at Oregon Tech. Aside from robotics, I used to compete in the high jump in middle school, and I am hoping to join Oregon Tech's track team in my senior year of college.

Why I Chose Oregon Tech and My Major

I chose Oregon Tech because of the small class sizes. I like to get to know my professors because they have a lot of valuable life experiences to share. I also like that Oregon Tech is a small school because it makes it easier to get involved. I chose to major in Mechanical Engineering because I enjoy math and problem-solving.

My Influential Professors

Tim Pasang, Clifford Stover, Sean Sloan. These professors like to share stories about when they were working in the industry. These stories give me a better idea of what I might do in my career. Tim Pasang has also given me a lot of opportunities, including the opportunity to work as a Lab Technician.

My Greatest Learning Experience At Oregon Tech

My Machine Design classes taught me the importance of hard work. I had to put a lot of effort into these classes in order to master the material. Math tutoring has also given me a lot of opportunities to learn. While math tutoring, I got to learn a lot about other majors that Oregon Tech offers because I got to interact with students from all of the majors at Oregon Tech.

My Plans After Graduation

I am currently part of the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, in which I am completing two six-month internships. After completing these internships, I will better understand what type of company I want to work for. Then, I will either get a master's degree (likely in Robotics at Oregon State University) or start working for a company based on what I learn from my internships.