Veteran Resource Center - Portland Metro
The Veteran Resource Center is located in Room #164

Our Mission

The mission of the Oregon Tech Portland-Metro Veterans Resource Center (PM-VRC) is to: provide a variety of services specific to the individual needs of military affiliated students (student veterans, service members, and their family members), support the transition from military to student/civilian life, and to provide experienced-centered connections on and off campus.

Our values:

  • Collaboration - The PM-VRC seeks to build partnerships across the university, within local community organizations, and at national levels that provide a strong support network for military affiliated students at Oregon Tech.
  • Academic Success - The PM-VRC understands that there are unique challenges and unique opportunities for this population of students and commits time and resources towards each individual student’s academic success. The PM-VRC is dedicated to helping relieve the stress that comes with the transition to being a student.
  • Access - The PM-VRC actively works to identify barriers at the individual and institutional level and works with staff and faculty to provide solutions that are efficient, effective, and lasting. Highlighting and promoting access to all benefits of being a student at Oregon Tech Portland-Metro.
  • Inclusivity - The PM-VRC strives to cultivate an environment that is inclusive and engaging for all student veterans, active duty members, family members, women, non-veterans, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and all racial groups, abilities, religious beliefs, and political views. The PM-VRC has a no-tolerance policy for discrimination or harmful behavior. The PM-VRC actively works towards increasing awareness and knowledge of the Oregon Tech community and how interconnected an individual's identity is to their success at the institution and in their personal lives.

How We Help Veterans and Family Members

Our job is to help get you registered, connected to educational funding, to help you navigate institutional processes, and to be your home base on the Portland-Metro campus.

We can:

  • Answer your questions
  • Help you transition to on-line courses, evening courses, or working while attending courses
  • Get you connected with resources like computers, emergency cash, and campus services
  • Help you register for classes
  • Connect you with an academic advisor
  • Help you connect and get certified for benefits
  • Get connected to academic tutoring
  • Talk to someone if you are feeling isolated or stressed
  • Financial Aid specific to Veteran benefit users
  • We've got your 6!


The Portland Metro VRC program can be contacted via email:

27500 SW Parkway Ave.
Room# 245
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Veteran Resource Center-Entrance
Donald Stockton
Director of Veteran Student Services

Klamath Falls