Dual Majors

Students completing the BS in Electronics Engineering Technology have the option of selecting a dual major by taking additional coursework. The EERE department currently offers dual majors in Control Engineering, Optical Engineering, and Systems Engineering and Technical Management. Students completing a BSEET degree with a dual major will receive a single BS degree in EET with both majors listed on their diploma and transcript. The degree is issued upon completion of the requirements for each major (some courses may be used to meet the requirements for both majors). The requirements for each dual major are listed under the corresponding sections of the catalog.

Optical Engineering 

Systems Engineering and Technical Management


Oregon Tech offers a MS in Engineering degree (MSE). For more information about the MSE program, visit:

Oregon Tech's MSE Degree Page

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Post-Baccalaureate)

Post-baccalaureate programs are for students who already have a first bachelor’s degree and are working on a second bachelor's degree. Oregon Tech’s Post-baccalaureate program in EE is not considered traditional graduate education, but it is more advanced than a bachelor's degree.

Oregon Tech Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology graduates may complete 36 additional credits to receive a BS in Electrical Engineering (post-baccalaureate). Students will receive two diplomas: a BSEET degree (upon completion of the BSEET degree requirements), and a BSEE degree (upon completion of the BSEE degree requirements, which include a minimum of 36 credits from Oregon tech beyond the BSEET requirements). Students who have completed an ETAC/ABET accredited BS degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from another university must complete a minimum of 45 Oregon Tech credits to receive the BS in Electrical Engineering. Students pursuing this option should contact a faculty advisor to draft an academic plan that ensures all BSEE curriculum requirements are met.

The following is a list of additional courses that Oregon Tech BSEET graduates are required to complete in order to meet the BSEE degree requirements.

Mathematics and Science (20 credits) 
CHE 201 General Chemistry I1 3
CHE 204 General Chemistry I Laboratory1 1
CHE 202 General Chemistry II2 3
CHE 205 General Chemistry II Laboratory2 1
MATH 253N Series and Sequences 4
MATH 341 Linear Algebra I3 4
MATH 465 Mathematical Statistics3 4


Electrical Engineering (11 credits) 
EE 341 Electricity and Magnetism with Transmission Lines 4
EE 343 Solid-State Electronic Devices 3
EE 461 Control System Engineering 4


Engineering Technical Electives (5 credits) 
  Engineering Elective (EE, REE)4 5
Total if prior BSEET degree awarded by Oregon Tech 36
Additional credits needed for students who completed a BSEET degree from another institution
  Engineering Elective (EE, REE)4 3
  Engineering Elective (EE, REE)4 3
  Engineering Elective (EE, REE)4 3
Total 45



1) CHE 201/4 can be substituted with CHE 221

2) Select from: CHE 202/205, CHE 222, MATH 322, MATH 327, MATH 342, MATH 354, MATH 421, MATH 451, MATH 454, PHY 410, PHY 448, PHY 449, PHY 450, PHY 451, PHY 452, PHY 453, or an advisor-approved Math/Science elective.

3) MATH 341 can be replaced with MATH 261. MATH 465 can be replaced with MATH 361. 

4) Requires advisor approval