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BSEE-MSE student Peter Bayley received two awards over the summer at BPA: the "People to People" was awarded for his performance beyond expectation while doing investigative work and write-ups on the fiber inspection scopes, and the "On-The-Spot" award for an outstanding job in discovering a major problem with the testing equipment. Peter also received a perfect score from his supervisors in two areas that resulted in an "exceed expectations" during his performance review.

BSREE student Matt Green was awarded 1 of 8 undergraduate scholraships with the Oregon Space Grant Consortium (OSGC).

​Dr. Even Klopf and Professor Emeritus Jamie Zipay attended the Oregon Space Grant Consortium meeting in Eugene, OR in early September.

Two projects from EERE faculty have been featured in the latest Oregon BEST newsletter

Scott Prahl

Scott Prahl

Allan Douglas

Allan Douglas

"Seeing" Through Fog Could Save Jet Fuel, Lives: Startup's visualization technology can help pilots land in dense fog     Support from Oregon BEST is helping Wilsonville based Kerr Avionics team up with faculty and students at Oregon Tech to advance a technology that helps pilots "see" through fog. This could save some of the 30 million gallons of jet fuel wasted annually when planes are rerouted or enter holding patters due to foggy weather. And the same technology could be used to locate lost hikers or victims of natural disasters. Full story...

Slobodan Petrovic

Slobodan Petrovic

Arcimoto to Help Uber Boost EV Use in Portland: Eugene electric vehicle maker ready to roll out first vehicles     Three years ago, Oregon BEST helped EV startup Arcimoto collaborate with researchers at Oregon Tech to refine the battery pack for its three-wheeled electric vehicle prototype. This summer, the company will not only roll out its first vehicles, but will also be playing a role in Uber's recently-announced push to expand the number of electric vehicles used by Uber drivers in Portland.

National Instruments acknowledges the work of Dr. Aaron Scher

Professor Aaron Scher has been recognized by National Instruments for his use of NI AWR software for teaching RF/wireless design. Aaron Scher has developed a breadth of computer-aided design assignments to support technical learning objectives for Oregon Tech’s RF and wireless engineering and electromagnetics (EM) classes.  The activities are engaging and provide students with industry-relevant skills and experiences. Read the complete story here

MathCounts event

Faculty and student volunteering at MathCounts event

On Saturday, February 11 Dr. Aaron Scher and EET student Nestor Fernando Campos volunteered as exam proctors at the MathCounts Region I and II Competition that was held at Mentor Graphics.  MathCounts is organized by the Professional Engineers of Oregon. The event consisted of students taking a variety of timed math tests. Steve Anderson, our EE/EET IAB Chair, MC’d the event. MathCounts conduct nine regional competitions for middle school students around the state in February. The State competition will be held Saturday, March 18 at Mentor Graphics, and will have the very same format and schedule (9:00 AM to 2:00 PM). There will be between 65 and 70 contestants, and 25 of them will be from more distant parts of Oregon. More student volunteers from Oregon Tech. Interested students should contact Steve directly (  Volunteers are encouraged to Oregon Tech shirts and apparel to represent the school! The winning team gets an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. for the national competition in May.

Amateur Radio Club members attended Rogue Valley Mini Maker Faire 

It was a busy weekend for the Amateur Radio Club (ARC). On Saturday, November 19th, 2016 student members Keith Omogrosso, Jose Alan Jacuinde, Nick DeMolina, Kyla Marino, Kenneth Korth and Min (Ali) Oo, along their advisor Dr. Eve Klopf, hosted a software-defined radio demo at the Rougue Valley Mini Maker Faire. The event was took place at ScienceWorks Hands on Museum in Ashland, OR. With the help of Jim English (WO7V) and other area Volunteer Examiners, the club also hosted an amateur radio license exam on campus on Sunday, November 20. 

Oregon Tech becomes PGE affiliated partner in EPRI GridEd West

Oregon Tech has been selected by Portland General Electric to become an affiliated partner member of EPRI GridEd West, a DOE sponsored initiative to promote power systems education. As part of this program, BSREE students from Klamath Falls and Portland-Metro, under the direction of Dr. Eklas Hossain, submitted eleven proposals to participate in a student design competition this Fall 2016. Two of these proposals were selected to receive a $5000 award each one to help fund the research they submitted:

  •  “Three-Phase Variable Frequency Motor Controller & Inverter Implemented using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation on a Field Programmable Gate Array”. Students: Peter Bayley and Dustin Henderson (Klamath Falls)
  • “Second Life Battery Characterization”. Students: Kate Houston, Emily Sigmund, Evan Troxel (Portland-Metro)

 An EPRI GridEd West representative stated that “[s]everal of the other proposals that [Oregon Tech] submitted were very strong, however, at this time [EPRI GridEd West] do not have the funds to support all of them.  […] [Oregon Tech] was the only Affiliate university to receive more than one award for undergraduate student design projects from GridEd. ”

Dr. Eve Klopf receives CCT grant Fall 2016

The Commission on College Teaching has awarded funding for the proposal submitted by Dr. Eve Klopf, titled "5G Summit Webinar".

Amateur Radio Club attends GNU Radio Conference (Summer 2016)

Three members of the Amateur Radio Club (ARC) at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, Jazmine Hancock, Justin Villers and Jose Alan Jacuinde, traveled to Boulder, CO along with their advisor Dr. Eve Klopf, to present a poster on ARC’s summer club project at the GNU Radio Conference 2016.

EERE Student Award Recipients

President's Senior Cup                          Jeremiah Lipp (BSEE and BSREE, Klamath Falls)

Student achievement award                   Jeremiah Lipp (BSEE and BSREE, Klamath Falls)
Outstanding Community Service Award    Krystal Locke (MSREE, Portland-Metro)

Outstanding scholars             BSEE      Jeremiah Lipp (Klamath Falls), David Houston (Portland-Metro)
                                            BSEET    Anthony Wright (Portland-Metro)
                                            BSREE   Jeremiah Lipp (Klamath Falls), Paulo Santos Vasconcelos Jr. (Portland-Metro)

Congratulations, class of 2016!

Photo: The Oregonian
Photo: The Oregonian/Oregon Live

MSREE Alumn Paulo Santos Vasconcelos Jr. is featured in The Oregonian/Oregon Live

In 2010, Paulo Vasconcelos had a good paying job working for petroleum giant Petrobras in his hometown of Aracaju, but he wasn't satisfied. The Brazilian already had a bachelor's degree in English teaching and had always wanted to put his language skills to use by studying and living aboard. "I thought, 'I need to step it up a bit,'" Vasconcelos said. His American husband, Stephen Matusik, pushed Vasconcelos to dream big. Six years later, the 38-year-old will graduate from the Oregon Institute of Technology with a master's degree in renewable energy engineering Sunday. He finished his bachelor's in renewable engineering at OIT in 2014. Vasconcelos has a huge cheering section flying in from Brazil for two weeks. His mother, two sisters, godson, brother and his family will be in Portland to celebrate. "It's not only a graduation for me," Vasconcelos said in an interview from the school's Portland-Metro campus this week. "For me it kind of a mix of a dream coming true - coming to another culture, coming to another country, being successful."
Read the complete article here.

EERE professors Aaron Scher and Eve Klopf are awarded Innovative Teaching Grants in Spring 2016

Dr. Aaron Scher from Portland-Metro and Dr. Eve Klopf from Klamath Falls will be implementing phase 3 of their Active Learning Development in Electromagnetism project.

BSREE student Michael Larrabee wins NW Energy XP Prize 2016

Sponsored by the BPA and PGE, the Prize awards $250,000 to top engineering students at OSU, PSU, Oregon Tech, and WSU to innovate solutions to real-world challenges facing power utilities.

Oregon Tech Tops the Charts for Studying Renewable Energy

In a list comprised of institutions such as University of California Berkley, Stanford and MIT, Oregon Institute of Technology ranked number 1 among the best academic institutions to pursue a degree in renewable or sustainable energy systems.

BSREE student Nick Carew wins NW Energy XP Prize 2015

Sponsored by the BPA and PGE, the Prize awards $250,000 to top engineering students at OSU, PSU, Oregon Tech, and WSU to innovate solutions to real-world challenges facing power utilities. - See more at: