The Dispute Resolution Certificate provides students with a thorough foundation of communication courses related to dispute resolution.

The program culminates in specialized sequence of courses: negotiation, facilitation, and mediation, giving student expertise in the field. A practicum in mediation offers practical experience in mediation. This certificate provides students with both the theoretical background and the practical experience to effectively resolve conflicts in a variety of contexts. A certificate, unlike a minor which must be awarded at graduation, may be obtained at any time once the requirements have been completed. Students with a previous baccalaureate degree often have completed most of the certificate requirements.

Prerequisite or Co-requisite Classes
SPE 111 Public Speaking
WRI 121 English Composition 
WRI 122 Argumentative Writing
Program Courses
COM 205 Intercultural Communication 
COM 225 Interpersonal Communication 
COM 336 Nonverbal Communication  3
COM 345 Organizational Communication I  3
COM 347 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution  3
COM 348 Facilitation  3
COM 425 Mediation 
COM 426 Mediation Practicum  3
SPE 321 Small Group and Team Communication  3

Minors and Certificates