The Human Interaction Minor is designed to allow Oregon Tech students the opportunity to document their training and competence in the skill most valuable to employers—communication.

The Human Interaction Minor is a great way for students to add value to their Oregon Tech degree, and because of Oregon Tech’s emphasis on communication, it is also a minor in which most students have a head start. The core of the Human Interaction Minor is three courses, Small Group and Team Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Intercultural Communication. These three courses represent three of the most basic human interactions, and all of them are often taken for General Education credit.

Beyond these three courses students select three other communication courses that reflect common communication contexts to complete the minor. This way, students can choose the courses most applicable to their major (some, such as Negotiation and Conflict resolution, even count as General Education credit) and future life. Whichever courses they choose, a Human interaction minor documents that the student made the effort to learn and improve their communication skills. Communication skills are in demand by employers, programs, and for life success beyond the job. A Human Interaction Minor says that you care about success!

Requirements of the Human Interaction Minor
SPE 321 Small Group and Team Communication
COM 205 Intercultural Communication
COM 225 Interpersonal Communication

In addition, students will select three from the following list of courses:
COM 336 Nonverbal Communication
COM 325 Gender Communication
COM 345 Organizational Communication
COM 346 Health Communication
COM 347 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
COM 446 Communication and Leadership

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