Frequently Asked Questions

What is High School Transition Program (HST)?

HST is a program that provides high school students with a chance to earn college credit while still in high school.

Who is eligible to enroll in the HST program?

Eligible students are those at least 14 years of age that have not yet graduated from high school.

How much do HST courses cost?

HST courses are $25 per credit plus any additional course fees listed in the online class schedule. Most HST courses are 3 credit classes.

Is financial assistance available?

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches at their local high school can qualify for a grant. Eligible students may fill out the Oregon Tech Grant Form to waive the $25 per-credit tuition, however students are still responsible for additional course fees and textbooks.

How do students register for HST courses?

Students should bring their completed yellow application form to the Educational Partnership and Outreach office. Students under 18 years of age must obtain parents signature. Payment is due at registration.

What courses should students take?

Depending on the student’s future goals and current interests, Academic Agreements offers academic advising to provide students with courses to best fit their long term goals.

Can students take any class offered at Oregon Tech?

At this point the reduced tuition rate of $25 per credit does not apply to fully-online classes. Students wishing to take an online class from Oregon Tech pay the normal tuition rate. Students may only enroll in classes they have the prerequisite requirements for. To determine the prerequisites for a class you are interested in, view the course description shown in the class schedule or college catalog.

200 level WRI courses require Communication Department approval prior to registration.

How many credits can students take a term through Oregon Tech?

High school students are eligible to take up to 8 credits per term.

Do students have to take a placement test?

Student planning on registering for a math or writing course are required to take an Oregon Tech placement test located in the Student Success Center (SSC). Schedule an appointment to take a placement exam by calling 541-885-1791.

What benefits does the Oregon Tech ID card provide?

Students who have current Oregon Tech sticker on their ID card are able to check out materials from library, ride local transit using a special pass at a discounted rate, and have access to all open computer labs.

Do students have to purchase their own textbooks?

Students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks. Textbooks may be purchased through The Tech Nest bookstore; pre-ordering is also available using the bookstore website.

Who do students ask when they have questions about HST?

Grace Rusth in Educational Partnerships and Outreach is willing to answer any questions. She can be reached via phone at 541-885-1844 or e-mail at

Where is the Office of Educational Partnerships and Outreach located?

Educational Partnerships and Outreach is located on Oregon Tech's Klamath Falls campus in the DOW Center for Health Professions, room E213.

How do students check their student e-mail?

Go to and click login, login to TECHweb, then click e-mail tile. Students should check their Oregon Tech e-mail regularly.

What do students do if they have a hold on their account?

Contact Grace Rusth in Educational Partnerships and Outreach for further instruction: 541.885.1844;

Are tutors available on the Oregon Tech campus?

The Student Success Center provides tutoring for numerous courses. HST students are encouraged to use this resource.

What should students do if they are struggling in a course?

Students should notify their Instructor immediately to discuss their options.

How should students drop a course?

The student should fill out a drop/withdraw form and bring to the Educational Partnerships and Outreach Office prior to the drop deadline.

How can students check their final grades?

Start by logging into your Web for Student. Click the Web for Student tab at the top of the page, then click Student Records link, followed by the Final Grades link.

How do students request an Oregon Tech transcript?

Students may view an unofficial transcript through their Web for Student and can request an official transcript to be mailed to their home or to the school of their choice. Students seeking an official transcript may also request it through the Registrar's Office.