Image has light blue and white clouds set behind the SOAR logo, text in glowing white letters that says "SOAR", and text "Orientation Program for all new students". All is underlined for emphasis. SOAR Orientation logo: Circle with blue outer line with white text that says "Find Support-Explore Opportunities-Academic Success-Build Resiliency". Inner circle is white with "SOAR" written in blue text, and the Oregon Tech block logo.

Fall 2022

SOAR - September 25th - 27th

Week of Welcome - September 28th - October 1st

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to acclimate to Oregon Tech, meet fellow students, and get ready for a successful year!


Oregon Tech's SOAR Program provides students with an opportunity for Oregon Tech's new students and their families to attend an experience that aids in the university transition process; that will inform students of the support available to them; opportunities to explore co-curricular and career prospects; as well as be well informed on how students and families can be integrated into life at Oregon Tech. 

  • Find Support - Sense of Belonging and Resources

  • Explore Opportunities - Student Involvement and Career Exploration

  • Achieve Academic Success - Skills & Strategies

  • Build Resiliency - Continuing to SOAR at Oregon Tech


Then, our term kicks off with the Week of Welcome is held each year on the weekend preceding the start of fall term classes. All students join the SIB Team (Student Involvement & Belonging for daily activities and tons of fun. 


Registration will open soon!