Winter Term 2024

2024-2025 Annual RSO Budget Request Cycle


2024- 2025 Budget Request Process & Timeline for Registered Student Organizations


Student organization leaders/advisors:

Please help your clubs complete the budget application form in Presence. The Student Involvement & Belonging office is available to help as well! 

2024-2025 – Student Programs

Please refer to the email that was sent from Student Involvement & Belonging.

2024-2025 – Student Clubs

Budgets Requests are due by 12:00 PM (noon) on Monday, February 5th

  • At this time, the online form will be closed, and you will not be able to submit your budget request.
  • Late submissions are not accepted. Do not miss this deadline.
  • If you do not submit a budget, your group will not receive an allocation for 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Note: If you want any amount over $1 (one dollar) – you are being asked to plan your budget and submit a request. Trust the process – the process of planning your club budgets and determining your rationale and club narrative report. 

  • Complete and fill in your budget request and written report through the Presence online form: 

2024-25 Budget Request Information – Student Clubs

Greetings, RSO Student Club Leaders & Advisors! -  

The Department of Student Involvement and Belonging (SIB) is sharing information about the upcoming Oregon Tech Incidental Student Fee procedures, and where you and your student club leaders are part of the process with requesting funds from the Financial Allocations Committee (FAC).  

The FAC oversees the allocation of incidental student fee funds for student clubs. Any student club recognized by Student Involvement & Belonging is eligible to request funds from the FAC. The individuals who serve on this committee for your student club's annual budget allocations includes 3 ASOIT executive officers, 4 at-large currently registered Oregon Tech students, and SIB staff (non-voting, advisory support).   

Please follow these instructions and steps to submit a Budget Request to the FAC for the 2024-25 academic year: (Note: the funds you request are not for the current school year; these are for next year)

Step 1: Plan your Budget Expenses & Justification with your Student Club Leadership 

Work with your student club advisor(s), other officers, and members for support on drafting a budget request for anticipated expenditures and develop answers to the questions provided for budget justification.

Budget expenses to anticipate by category:

  1. Capital Expenses (equipment that last more than 1 year)

  2. Organization Supplies (items to be used within a year)

  3. Marketing (print materials/ promo items/ banner/ etc.)

  4. Club Gear (t-shirts/ sweatshirts/ etc.)

  5. Event Supplies/ Expenses

  6. Professional Development, Conferences, Travel

Budget justification questions to answer:

  1. How will this funding support the mission of your organization?

  2. What services do you provide to the students of Oregon Tech and the Oregon Tech community at large? Please be specific: name the types of events and activities; how many members you serve; share data as applicable.

  3. Please describe the needs and impact of funding for your club.

  4. Please explain what fundraising your organization does (any income/ donations for the club). This can include dues charges to all members that support the club.

Step 2: Submit your Budget Request & Written Report

IMPORTANT: Only ONE officer/member needs to complete the budget form for their club – if multiple submissions per club are provided, the most recent will be used in final determinations. 

Please consult and communicate with club officers, so that ONLY ONE person from your club if completing the final form to avoid multiple submissions.

Complete and fill in your budget request and written report through the Presence online form: 

Next Steps: Financial Allocations Committee and beyond

  • Student Members of the FAC will read and review all student club requests and make final determinations for allocation amounts. 

  • The total FAC allocations will be provided to SIB Director, to present to the Incidental Fee Commission (IFC) for review.

  • IFC recommended budget amounts are then shared with the President and Board of Trustees. 

  • Final student club allocated amounts are provided to student club leaders either at end of Spring 2024 term or beginning of Fall 2024 term to get ready for the school year (varies based on factors). 


The following resources and support measures are provided as you plan your budget and submit your budget request to the FAC: 

Meet with SIB Team: 

  • If you need support or get stuck-- plan to set up a meeting with SIB Staff to discuss your current budget, expenses year-to-date, and navigate the budget request online form.  

  • Schedule a meeting by contacting us at 

Much appreciated!  

-Student Involvement & Belonging Team