When are the trips?

Trips take place over the weekends, from week two to week nine of each term. OP activities vary from day trips, overnight, and 2- night trips. Transportation and food is typically provided in the trip cost, as well as the use of OP equipment.

Upcoming Trips

Winter Term is all about the ski/snowboard trips!  Download the flyer file below to see what we have.  Want to do your own thing?  You can rent tubes, snowboards, cross country skis and other equipment for your own excursion!  Feel free to ask us about outdoor things to do in the area and places to do them.
Skydiving Lodi California

How do I sign up for trips?

Trip sign ups come out on the Monday 2 weeks prior to the trip date.  To sign up for a trip, pay the cost of the trip at the cashiers' office, have them print a receipt, and then bring it to the Outdoor Program office.

The OP is your extended gear closet!

Stop by the OP to see all the equipment we have available at low rental rates. So, if you need a pair of snowshoes for the weekend, a tent, kayak, mountain bike, snowboard, backpack or sleeping bag check out our current "Rental Gear Price Guide" at the right side of this page under "Resources."

Oregon Tech Outdoor Program

 2nd Floor, College Union
For fastest service, text us directly on the Oregon Tech app.  Oregon Tech-->Clubs and Programs-->Outdoor Program

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