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Meet the OP Staff

Meet the Crew

The OP is a student-funded and student-led organization that allows students to enjoy beautiful scenery that surrounds them for an extremely low & reasonable price!

Scott Meredith, Faculty Advisor

Office: 541.885.1390

Scott Meredith graduated from Humboldt State University in 1987 with a B.A. in Liberal Studies/Education while playing football and baseball for the Lumberjacks. He holds teaching credentials in Physical Education, Multiple Subjects Elementary Education and Social Science. He also earned an M.S. in Health, Physical Education and Recreation with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from St. Mary’s College of California.

He enjoys cycling, skiing, backpacking/hiking and has been skydiving once. Scott is also the Head basketball coach for the Lady Owls at Oregon Tech.

Will-Natividad (1)OP

Will Natividad, Director

Hi there, Will Natividad, Director of the Outdoor Program. I’m originally from the Susanville area in far north eastern California.  I'm majoring in Environmental Sciences after a couple tours in the US Navy. Mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking, skiing and sailing are among my favorite outdoor activities. I look forward to making trips as fun as possible, enjoying new activities with the OP and making new friends.  Feel free to propose new trips or ask me questions on the Oregon Tech app. Let’s take this outside!


Megan, Communications Manager

Growing up overseas I developed a unique appreciation for the diverse opportunities, experiences and beautiful destinations that our world has to offer. However, the ocean has always felt like home to me. When my family goes sailing they can always count on me to be the first one in the water after we dock. I have been able to sail and snorkel in some amazing places including the Red Sea, the Turkish Coast, Arabian Gulf, and the Virgin Islands.

Currently I am a pre-MIT student with in interest in Diagnostic Medical Imaging. I’m looking forward to a great year of trips and spending time with people who share a common enthusiasm for the outdoors.


Justin Harms, Equipment Manager

I grew up in the country outside of Springfield, Oregon. It is a beautiful place with tons of outdoor activities. I love Oregon and how much it rains. Most of my free time is spent building bike trails. The outdoor activities that I do the most are mountain biking, paintballing and snowboarding. I’m starting my sophomore year at Oregon Tech and entering the Medical Imaging program. My first OP trip was the Bike and BBQ at Moore Park, after that I was hooked. The OP trips are tons of fun and it’s a great way to meet other students.


Jacob Woody, Trip Coordinator

My name is Jacob Woody and I am from Bakersfield, California. It has been a change coming to Oregon and experiencing the different landscapes that southern California has to offer. I enjoy doing any activity that I can participate in and have fun with friends. I spend a majority of my time mountain biking.


Oliver, Trip Coordinator

My name is Oliver and I'm a Mechanical Engineering major. I like pretty much everything outdoors, so I'm pretty excited to be working here getting paid to go outside.


Shelby LaTourrette, Trip Coordinator

Happy to be here!

Gillian Moore, Trip Coordinator

Where I’m from you had two choices, sit around and do nothing or go on adventures and create memories. I’m from Grants Pass Oregon, a little town with lots of wooded areas and the Rouge River. Growing up I created my adventures (camping, hiking, and the river were and still are a must) but now I have a fantastic team and students to share those experiences. We provide not only a way for students to connect with each other, but also a way for them to experience new things and have fun. I know even for me the OP has allowed me to try new things, such as skydiving, which was something I will never forget.

Yung Ken Tynan, Trip Coordinator

Hi everyone!  I’m Kenny.  I grew up in Medford but I’ve lived in Phoenix, AZ for the last 10 years before I came to OIT.  I love almost everything outdoors, but I particularly enjoy mountain biking, hiking, camping, overland travel, dirt biking on my KTM, and river swimming in the summer.  I also am a huge car enthusiast and I really enjoy driving vehicles of all sorts.  I study Geomatics (essentially land surveying), which is a great match for me because it means I get to spend lots of time outside year round!  Some of my other hobbies include computer builds, wrenching on cars, and playing guitar.  Working at the OP is great because our trips are super fun and all my coworkers are great people.  Hope to see you on a trip soon!