Meet the Crew

The OP is a student-funded and student-led organization that allows students to enjoy beautiful scenery that surrounds them for an extremely low & reasonable price!

Tyler Wasnock, OP Student Director photo, shown entering a kayak

Tyler Wasnock, Student Director

My name is Tyler Wasnock and I am in the Echocardiography program. Being as I grew up surrounded by the Olympic National Forest in Washington, one of my favorite activities to do outdoors is hiking and camping in the forest. It’s my dream that one day I’ll finally get to see a bear or cougar outdoors in-person, just not too close. My biggest fears are for sure dolls as well as feral rats.

Oregon Tech Outdoor Program

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Caroline Schulz

Caroline, Communications Manager

Hello!!!!! My name is Caroline and I'm studying a Civil Engineering. I’m a Colorado native so the Rocky Mountains will always be my favorite place because that’s where I found my love for the outdoors. My favorite thing I’ve ever done in the outdoors is hike part of the Annapurna circuit in Nepal! Now I spend my free time hiking, canoeing and backpacking in the PNW! My greatest fear is regret and snakes (danger noodles).

Blake Frost

Blake, Equipment Manager

My name Is Blake Frost. I am studying Mechanical Engineering. My favorite thing to do outdoors is ride my dirt bike. For the past couple years, I've raced motocross in the spring, but prefer to ride trails and forest roads. My favorite place to go are the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon. I grew up hunting and riding in the Blue Mountains behind my house, so that's my favorite place in all. My biggest fear is dying young and not being able to do the things I enjoy, which is why I do fun things every weekend as much as possible. 

OP Cameron

Cameron, Equipment Manager

Hi my name is Cameron and I am in the Renewable Energy/Electrical Engineering program. My favorite thing to do in the outdoors is to go ski in the winter! My favorite place in the outdoors is Ohanapecosh in the Mt. Rainer State Park. My biggest fear is letting others down.

Ethan Chirnside, OP Trip Coordinator, shown riding a mountain bike.

Ethan, Trip Coordinator

Hi my name is Ethan Chirnside, I’m studying geomatics surveying here at OIT. I enjoy all things outdoors, but I like to split most of my time between skiing and mountain biking. I also enjoy sport climbing, fishing, disc golf and BMX. I’m from California and my favorite place to get lost in the mountains is the east side of the sierras, particularly Bridgeport and Mammoth. I’ve really enjoyed exploring what adventures the mountains around us hold and I hope to see you guys on the trails or out on the slopes! 

emily, trip coordinator of outdoor program

Emily, Trip Coordinator

My name is Emily and I’m a sophomore in the Pre-Nursing program. My favorite outdoor activity would be camping by a lake and going on early morning wakeboarding runs. My favorite outdoor place is anywhere in Mt. Hood forest. My biggest fear are the giant spiders that live in Australia.

kyra, trip coordinator of outdoor program

Kyra, Trip Coordinator

I’m in the Bio-Health Science program. My favorite outdoor activity is soccer and camping. My favorite outdoor place is God’s Thumb. My biggest fear is drowning.

Christopher Martinez

Christopher, Trip Coordinator

My name is Christopher Martinez, everyone calls me Chris for ease, and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy any activity in the outdoors, whether it’s an activity I know or not, I enjoy learning new skills and tools for my outdoor tool belt and knowledge, along with sharing the knowledge I have. If I had to pick a favorite it'd have to be Scuba Diving. My favorite place to enjoy the outdoors is in the National and State Redwoods parks amongst the giants and along the wild and scenic Smith River. I'd have to say my biggest fear is the dark depths of the ocean because you never know what can come up from below.

Alyssa Harris, OP Trip Coordinator, shown near fallen tree which is big enough to crawl inside.

Alyssa, Trip Coordinator

Hello! My name is Alyssa Harris and I am studying Environmental Science. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are hiking, camping, and swimming. My favorite place to do these things is in or near Rocky Mountain National Park in my home state of Colorado. Despite my love of swimming, I am scared of deep water and what my be lurking.

Joshua Bettencourt, OP Trip Coordinator, shown sitting on rocks near water

Joshua, Trip Coordinator

My name is Joshua Bettencourt, I'm studying mechanical engineering. I really enjoy playing soccer and mountain biking and pretty much anything outdoor related. I'm definitely a big mountain person! I love to ski and hike, it's just so much fun and there's so many rad places to go! My biggest fear would be not living my life to the fullest.

Maddy Oakden

Maddy , Trip Coordinator

Hey I'm Maddy! I am in the Echocardiography program. My favorite outdoor activities are wake surfing and spike ball in the summertime. My favorite place to be is Lake Billy Chinook with friends and family. My biggest fear are clowns ... no circuses for me.

OP Jaymes

Jaymes, Trip Coordinator

Hey! My name is Jaymes and I’m a Biology-Health Sciences major. I love jumping off cliffs at the lake so Applegate Lake is my favorite place to be. I can definitely say I’m scared of mosquitoes!

OP Mary

Mary, Trip Coordinator

My name is Mary and I am in the Nursing Program! I love either boating or fishing. My favorite place is in Bandon right on the beach. My biggest fear is failure and having to start over… but also spiders.

Natalie Varland

Natalie, Trip Coordinator

Hi! My name is Natalie and I'm in the Medical Imaging Program here at Oregon Tech. You'll find me trudging up mountains or trying to feed the prairie dogs peanuts here on campus. My biggest fear is for sure Killer Whales or living an ordinary life. Although heights aren't a fear of mine, tackling sky diving is next on my bucket list!

Kate Hicks, OP Trip Coordinator, shown in a yoga pose on a rock overlooking Crater Lake.

Kate, Trip Coordinator

Hi, I'm Kate Hicks. I’m studying Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. My favorite outdoor activity is backpacking, and my goal is to one day hike the Pacific Crest trail! My favorite place to spend outdoors in Oregon is Umpqua Hot Springs. My biggest fear is the live action cat in the hat.
Corban Remsburg, OP Trip Coordinator, shown surfing.

Corban, Trip Coordinator

My name is Corban Remsburg and I’m studying Mechanical Engineering. My favorite outdoor activities include off-roading, cliff jumping, finding scenic views, and camping. I love the Mt. Hood area because there is so much to explore and a bunch of different activities. One of my fears is sea lions.