Things to Remember

  1. parking-on-campus
    Any operator of a motor vehicle or bicycle –while parking on campus- must comply with the traffic laws and ordinances of the State of Oregon and the City of Klamath Falls. Operators must also abide by regulations governing motor vehicles and bicycles on campus. A “parked vehicle” refers to any vehicle which is stopped with or without a driver in attendance. The responsibility of finding a valid and legitimate parking space on camp us rests with the vehicle’s operator. Lack of parking spaces is not a valid excuse for violating any University parking regulations.
  2. Areas designated for parking are indicated on the campus traffic/parking map provided in this pamphlet. Please pay special attention to the designated locations of ADA, Visitor, Student Health Center and Dental Client parking and their given restrictions/qualifications for parking.
  3. Zones designated as special service are restricted to loading/unloading and for repair services. Loading zones are for the specific use of loading and unloading only. These loading zones are limited to 15 minutes.
  4. Vehicles shall be parked on campus only in areas designated for parking. Parking of vehicles on any road, driveway, fire lane, building entrance way, pedestrian lane and landscaped area is prohibited. All vehicles must be parked between valid parking space lines.
  5. Parallel parking is required where parallel spaces are provided and is permissible in service zones for the purposes of loading and unloading. Parallel parking is also required in some ADA parking locations on campus.
  6. Backing into parking spaces is now an option for those parking on campus. Please use caution if you pursue backing into parking spaces on campus. Use proper procedures of checking rear-view and side-view mirrors along with watching your surroundings while backing in. Also: Be sure not to block sidewalks when backing into parking spaces. This can occur especially when backing in pickup trucks. If you block a sidewalk with your vehicle, it may cost you a parking fine along with restricting sidewalk access to pedestrians (including ADA community members)
  7. When need has been established, a reserved parking space may be authorized by the Traffic Commission within a parking area. No other vehicle may be parked in this authorized space at any time.
  8. Open parking (that is parking without an Oregon Tech parking permit) is permissible in designated faculty, staff, student and visitor parking areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and weekends. Exceptions to this permission would be reserved, service area, fire lanes, limited parking zones and ADA parking locations on campus. Permits are still required to park and parking regulations still apply during regular hours of break periods between academic terms.
  9. Vehicle maintenance is prohibited in any area on campus. A vehicle considered disabled on campus by the driver should contact Campus Safety as soon as possible. Any vehicle left on campus for 7 days or more without contact with Campus Safety or other Oregon Tech officials could be considered abandoned and subject to tow (see Other Applicable Fines and Penalties #2c).
  10. Visitors with visitor or temporary permits may park in any valid parking space on campus defined as Visitor or Universal parking. Parking must be within valid parking space lines. Visitors may also park in designated “Visitor Only” time-limited parking spaces without a permit if the time limitation is not surpassed.
  11. Persons are prohibited from living in vehicles of any kind on University property. This policy is in no way intended to restrict visitors, parents and/or special event participants from short term overnight stays in campers, motor homes, etc. However, all such guests must check in with Campus Safety and comply with all safety regulations.
  12. The owner per Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration or primary driver of any vehicle parked on campus is responsible for any citations issued to the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the registered owner to notify Parking Services if the vehicle is stolen or sold to another party. Oregon Tech reserves the right to hold permit owners responsible for citations issued to any vehicle registered to their permit regardless of who is driving the vehicle. When it is determined that an Oregon Tech employee or student has the same address or last name as the legal owner of a vehicle with outstanding citations, a review will be performed to determine who is the responsible party. Based on the information obtained from Oregon Tech and DMV records, the employee or student may be held responsible for those citations rather than the legal owner of the vehicle
  13. Parking spaces designated as compact may only be used by permitted vehicles that do not exceed 66" wide and 174" long.
  14. Patrol and Parking personnel recommend removing expired hanging permits.
  15. Oregon Tech discourages the campus community from leaving pets and animals in vehicles unattended. The Campus Safety Patrol and Parking personnel have no choice but to notify the Klamath County Animal Control office if they witness an animal left unattended in a vehicle that is perceived to be in distress. Fines could be issued to the driver and/or animal owner if Klamath County Animal Control personnel arrive on campus and confirm an animal is in distress.
  16. Skateboards, longboards, hover boards, and Segways are prohibited from being ridden on campus grounds. This includes sidewalks, roadways and parking lots.


Motorcycles must be registered to a current Oregon Tech virtual permit account to park on campus. Virtual parking permits are available through TECHweb. Virtual permits allow up to four (4) vehicles to be registered. A motorcycle can be the only registered vehicle or added as a extra vehicle on the virtual permit. The addition of extra vehicles will generate a one-time $10.00 fee.

Motorcycles registered to a virtual permit are permitted to park in designated single vehicle parking spaces. There is also parking available on campus for motorcycle, moped and scooter parking only. Designated motorcycle parking areas are provided around campus in parking lots A, D, F, K and M. This allows for group parking of motorcycles in one convenient location. Double parking of motorcycles in single parking spaces is not recommended.


Bicycles must be parked in a bike rack. Parking of a bicycle in any building is prohibited except for bicycles rented from the Outdoor Program. The OP bicycles are parked on site on the 2nd floor of the College Union building in the given OP space. For resident students bicycles can be stored in the provided bike racks in the Quad location at the Residence Hall building and at each Village building. Bicycles should have security locks placed through the bicycle and the bike rack to prevent theft. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the sidewalks. When proceeding to a given bike rack on campus and using the sidewalks to do so, it is required that bicycles be “walked” to the bike racks by the rider. If the rider wishes to ride the bicycle to a given bike rack on campus, the bicycle must travel no more than 1.5 miles per hour – the equivalent of a pedestrian’s walking speed.

It is recommended that bicycles be registered through the City of Klamath Falls. To register a bicycle with the City of Klamath Falls, call the Klamath Falls Police Department at (541) 883-5336. On campus residents can register their bicycles with Residence Life. Please check with the Housing Office for more information. An Oregon Tech parking permit is not required for a bicycle. Bicycles are to be parked or stored in bike racks located at different areas around the Oregon Tech campus.

Traditional style bicycles that are assisted by an electric motor are the exception on campus grounds and are permitted to be parked in traditional bike racks at all campus locations. Although electric bicycles are permitted to be parked in traditional bike racks on campus, they are not to be ridden on sidewalks for any reason while being operated by electrical power.

Mopeds and Scooters

Motorized mopeds and scooters of any kind –no matter what engine type or size- are to be parked in the motorcycle parking areas. Designated motorcycle, moped and scooter only parking areas are provided around campus in parking lots A, D, F, K and M. Electric mopeds and some scooters do not need to be licensed in the state of Oregon. For these exceptions only, the non-required licensed vehicles will not need an Oregon Tech parking permit to park in the motorcycle parking location on campus.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Oregon Tech will implement winter parking restrictions in the following parking lots from November 1 through April 1 of each year for snow removal. Restricted parking will include parking lots B, D, E, F, H, I, J, K, M, N, O and Q. Please see the map on the Parking Regulations pamphlet for more information. All other parking lots are open for parking 24/7. The winter parking restrictions will allow for uninterrupted snow removal during the designated early morning time window. Any vehicle parked in the restricted parking lots between 2 am and 6 am during restricted winter months will be subject to parking citations and possibly towing with all applicable towing fees at the owner’s expense. If you have any questions about this winter parking amendment, please contact Campus Safety at 541.885.1111.

Vehicle Regulations

All faculty, staff and students of Oregon Institute of Technology are required to be knowledgeable of, and abide by, the traffic regulations listed.

General Parking Regulations

All persons who park on campus must have a valid Institute parking permit for their vehicle.

  1. Drivers must obey all posted speed limits.
  2. Drivers must obey all posted traffic and parking signs.
  3. Curbs painted red are "No Parking" zones.

The following practices are prohibited:

  1. Current faculty, staff or students parking in Visitor Parking.
  2. Parking overtime in 15-minute or 30-minute zones.
  3. Straddling space lines.
  4. Parking a vehicle in a reserved space or area unless authorized.
  5. Driving on any lawn or sidewalk area.
  6. Blocking traffic in loading zones or driveways.
  7. Displaying a permit on a vehicle not registered on campus.
  8. Parking a second car on campus without a permit.
  9. Exceeding posted speed limits.
  10. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street.