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Interview Tips, Tricks, and Resources


An interview is a two-way communication in which the employer and the candidate exchange information about the position and your qualifications, in order to determine if there is a good fit between the two.

The employer has 3 main questions:

1. How motivated are you?

Have you applied to tons of positions and are waiting to seek which one “sticks,” or have you done your research, know what you can contribute to the organization, and are excited about this opportunity?

Demonstrate you are motivated by doing research about the firm and the role ahead of time, and be able to connect the dots for the employer about why you are a good fit. Be enthused, and show it!

2. Can you do this job?

Do you have the basic qualification to perform the required duties, and can you be trained?

Be able to answer questions about how you have used your skills in the classroom or other settings. Technical interviews are also common, although employers aren’t necessarily looking for perfection in your answers. They may just want to understand how you approach problem-solving.

3. Do you fit in to our culture?

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your co-workers, and employers are also looking for a personality fit.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through a bit. Interviews are serious business, but there is room for a little humor as well. Don’t tell jokes, but smile, and try to relax!