How does financial aid work for dually enrolled students?

If you are receiving your financial aid from Oregon Tech and are taking classes at a community college (listed), you may be able to combine your community college credits and Oregon Tech credits to receive full-time student aid.

If you are dually admitted (have filed out the dual application form) with Oregon Tech and one of our community college partners and are enrolled in 6 or more credits with Oregon Tech, we may be able to combine your credits to maximize your financial aid.

Our Financial Aid office will electronically receive your enrollment data and enter in into our system. At the end of the term we will receive your grade. Coursework at the other institution must be applicable to your Oregon Tech degree and you must receive a C or better.

*Please note: starting Spring 2013 all PCC/OIT dual students will need to fill out a paper financial aid consortia if receiving financial aid from Oregon Tech. You can locate the FA consortium by following the link below.

More information on consortium agreements can be found at the Consortium Agreements page.

Dual Enrollment