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Parking Fines & Penalties

Penalties for Offenses

Offense Fine/Bail
Written Warning $00.00
No Parking Permit Displayed $25.00
Improper Display of Permit $25.00
Backed into a Parking Space $25.00
Hanging a Permit in an Unregistered Vehicle $60.00
No Parking Zone $25.00
Other Parking Offenses $25.00 / $35.00
Violation of Oregon Tech Policy - Handicapped Permits / Spaces $55.00 / $195.00 / $455.00
Violation of Oregon Tech Policy - Traffic Offenses
Moving violations including such offenses as reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, speeding, driving the wrong way, disobeying a traffic control device (running stop signs etc.), excessive noise and other offenses not otherwise specified herein are a violation of the State of Oregon motor vehicle laws and punishable upon conviction. In accordance with Oregon State law, campus violators will be fined $35.00. Violations referred to the City of Klamath Falls revert to city bails and fines.
Habitual Offender
Habitual offenders are fined $60.00 in addition to the original citation fine for the offense(s) on their latest citation. Habitual offenders are defined as individuals who are responsible for three or more separate offenses/citations in an academic year. The $60.00 fine -in addition to the offense fine on the given citation- is imposed for the third conviction and each conviction thereafter during the academic year.


A vehicle may be “booted” and the owner responsible for immediately paying all accrued fines in the following circumstances:
  1. A vehicle has a parking permit and has been issued five (5) or more citations within the current academic year.
  2. A vehicle does not have a parking permit and has been issued three (3) or more citations within the current academic year.
Oregon Tech Campus Safety Patrol and Parking Services will have the ability to place a booting device on a vehicle in violation of the mentioned violations above. The responding officer will confirm all violation and fines with the Parking Services officer or the Cashier's Office before a boot is placed on a violating vehicle. When confirmed, the responding officer will boot the vehicle in violation and leave information on the vehicle's windshield advising of the booting and why it was placed. The violator will be given instructions on paying all fines at the Cashier's Office in Snell Hall before the boot is removed from the vehicle. The Cashier's Office will provide the violator with a receipt of full payment for parking fines that will be given to the responding officer. Upon confirming the receipt of full payment of fines from the violator, the officer will remove the boot from the violator's vehicle.