Parking on Campus

Things to Remember

  1. Display your parking permit only from the rear view mirror with the permit numbers facing toward the windshield. This allows the permit number to be seen by Parking Enforcement or Campus Safety patrol personnel. Do not block the display of the permit with other permits, leis or charms etc. Obstruction of the permit in its entirety could result in a parking fine.
  2. Head-in parking only. Please do not back into a space. Motorcycle parking on campus is exempt from this requirement.
  3. parking-on-campusPark between space lines with your tires off the parking space divider lines.
  4. Permitted vehicles may park in any open marked parking space that does not have a special use sign posted.
  5. Don’t block Visitor parking. Visitor parking is defined as parking for persons not affiliated with the college. Visitor parking permits can be found at the Information booth in Lot D.
  6. Open Parking. Parking without parking permits is permissible between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and weekends. Exceptions include reserved parking spaces, service area spaces, fire lanes, limited parking zones and ADA (Handicap) parking locations.
  7. OVERNIGHT parking is prohibited in lot B and parking spaces facing Campus Drive from Nov. 1-Apr 1 and between the hours of 2am-6am.
  8. Parking on campus with an ADA (Handicap) permit without an accompanying current Oregon Tech parking permit is prohibited.
  9. A replacement permit for a lost or stolen permit is sold at the Cashier’s Office in Snell Hall. The replacement charge is $10.00. The Cashier’s Office personnel will request that contact be made with the Campus Safety office to report the lost or stolen permit before the sale can be completed. Campus Safety can be contacted at 541.885.1111. The location for the Campus Safety office is Cornett Hall 231.
  10. Want to appeal a ticket? Oregon Tech citations are appealed by completing an on-line appeals form. Please follow the instructions provided on the on-line appeals form. Any questions, please call 541.885.1551.

All motor vehicle laws of the State of Oregon and ordinances of the City of Klamath Falls are applicable to Oregon Tech.