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Parking Permits & Fees

Purchase Parking Permit

Login to MyOIT, click on ‘Web for Faculty/Employee’ or ‘Web for Student’ and you will see an entry for ‘Purchase Parking Permit'. Once you click on that heading, fill in a series of prompts to purchase your latest permit. You can even select a Payroll Deduction as prompted if you are a faculty or staff member. The permit will be charged to your account unless you choose to pay for your permit through CASHNet by following the prompts for payment.

After completing the registration information online, your permit will be available to pick up at the Cashier’s window in Snell Hall. Permits will be available for pickup at the Cashier’s Office the business day following purchase online. Permits not picked up by faculty or staff members the morning after the permit is filled will be sent to your listed mailstop.

Purchase Parking Permit

General Parking Permits

Hanging permits are issued for a fee annually or per term. Employee (Faculty and Staff) permits are $172 annually or $86/term. Student permits (Commuter and Resident) are $109 annually or $54.50/term. You may register up to three vehicles on a single hanging permit for an additional charge of $10. Multiple vehicle permit holders are authorized to park one registered vehicle on campus at a given time. The permit must be displayed on the registered vehicle that is parked on campus. Vehicles with these permits must park in the appropriate parking areas.

Temporary Visitor & Special Guest Permits

Temporary visitor, special guest and faculty/staff/student permits are issued on a limited basis to individuals each term. These permits are issued at no charge as long as certain criteria for issuance and usage are met. Contact Parking Services for further clarification. Vehicles displaying temporary parking permits must park in the area designated by that permit. Temporary permits are official documents and may not be modified or altered in any way.

Handicap Parking

  1. Students and employees seeking disabled parking permits should obtain them from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Students may go to the Integrated Student Health Center (ISHC) for assistance with completing the DMV form.
  2. Persons displaying a state-issued Disabled Person Parking Permit are authorized to park in any valid parking space on campus in addition to parking in designated ADA spaces with an accompanying valid Oregon Tech parking permit.

Service Vendor Permits

These permits are issued to contractors, media personnel, and vendors working on campus. These special permits are issued by Facilities Services or Campus Safety.

Replacement Permits

A replacement permit may be purchased for a substitute vehicle when the original vehicle is sold, damaged beyond repair, or when the permit is lost or damaged. In the event a permit is stolen or missing, a stolen permit report must be filed with Campus Safety before a replacement permit can be issued. A fee of $10.00 will replace a hanging parking permit. A fee of $5.00 will replace a motorcycle strip permit.

Permit Refunds

Refunds on parking permits will only be made if a parking permit is removed from the vehicle and returned to the cashier within ten days of purchase. No other refunds will be given.

Contact Parking Services:

Parking Services

Bicycle Parking

Although bicycles are exempt from Oregon Tech parking permits, it is recommended that they are licensed through the city of Klamath Falls. Licensing a bicycle would aid in identifying the owner if a bicycle were to be recovered by any law enforcement agency. The appropriate registration forms must be completed before an adhesive bicycle ID tag is issued. For more information about registering a bicycle with the city of Klamath Falls, please contact the Klamath Falls police department at 541.883.5336.

Bicycle Parking

When on campus, bicycles are to be parked in the appropriate bicycle stands and racks located around the campus grounds and buildings. At no time is a bicycle to be parked, ridden or walked inside of an Oregon Tech building.