2017-18 Logo OTET Conference
CCT's 2nd annual Pre-Convocation Excellence in Teaching Conference included lunch and a poster session followed by concurrent workshop sessions that provided faculty with an excellent professional development opportunity, and a chance to learn more about what their colleagues are doing and gather inspiring ideas!


September 16, 2016


Klamath Falls, College Union


Lunch & Poster Session

Concurrent Workshop Sessions:

  • "Make it Stick" Book Discussion
  • Technology in Teaching
  • Inquiry in the Laboratory

Break & Refreshments

  • Oregon Tech Effective Teaching Workshop
  • Getting Outside the Classroom
  • Integrating Diverse Perspectives

Break & Refreshments

  • An Introduction to POGIL
  • CCT Future Directions
  • Finding Quantitative Literacy in Your Program


22 Posters
9 Workshops
76 Faculty Attended

Faculty Comments

“I really enjoyed the technology in teaching session, and plan to utilize Kahoot in one of my courses this fall.” 

“Loved the poster session and opportunity to show off a little, and discuss what I do in my class with colleagues in other departments.” 

“I am especially interested in going to more Effective Teaching Workshops.”

“Let's do it again next fall, but even before that continue with some of the sharing of ideas that happened here.”