Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Standards

The Academic Standards committee shall initiate discussion, disseminate information, and review and recommend policies relating to academic quality and standards.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee shall call all elections required under the Charter, notify the individuals elected as senators, notify the president of the Senate of election results and inform the faculty of election results.

Faculty Appeals Committee

The Faculty Appeals Committee shall conduct all hearings on matters of conflict between members of the faculty. It shall also be the responsibility of the committee to reduce friction and forestall conflict among faculty members by investigating sources or potential sources of such friction and conflict which are referred to the attention of the committee and by recommending appropriate action to concerned individuals or groups.

Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC)

The Faculty Compensation Committee will review and address faculty compensation issues. The FCC will also assist the Provost and President in determining the allocation of available compensation funds.

Faculty Rank Promotion and Tenure Committee (RPT)

The Faculty Rank Promotion and Tenure Committee will serve as a monitor of and resource to the various tenure and promotion committees. RPT will also propose and review policies and policy revisions related to faculty promotion and tenure.

Faculty Welfare Committee

The Faculty Welfare Committee will consider those matters which affect the welfare of faculty.