The Office of Human Resources and Payroll Services provide employment and income verifications for all employees. This type of verification includes:

  • Employment verifications
  • Income verifications
  • Verification of Earning form
  • Department of Health and Human Services forms
  • Other, similar forms
Prospective employers, financial institutions and residential property managers should fax requests to the Office of Human Resources for employment and income verifications on Oregon Tech employees.

Telephone requests for verification of employment will be limited to confirming information stated by the external party. Any additional information will need to be requested in written form.

Written requests for verification of employment will be completed on the form provided only when the request is accompanied by a former or current employee's signed authorization to release such information. Electronic signatures are accepted. Completed written verification of employment forms will be returned directly to the requesting party.

The Office of Human Resources will complete verifications with the proper information and documentation as soon as possible, but no later than four business days.

Please fax all requests and the employee’s signed release to 541.851.5200.