Marketing/Communications/Public Affairs (MarCoPa) FAQs

Our official name is Oregon Institute of Technology; however, in most general instances for conciseness and clarity we prefer to be addressed by the shortened name Oregon Tech.

We ask that the university community move away from the use of OIT, both in writing and verbally, as this weakens branding efforts, causes brand confusion, and does not advance the university’s efforts to garner greater name recognition. 

Oregon Tech logo

Created in 2012, the full text logo above is the university’s preferred logo and should be used in most cases. This logo is preferred because it states the university’s legal name and identifies Oregon Tech as a university.

abridged logo

In certain cases, the above abridged logo without the full name can be used. This version is primarily acceptable for internal use.

Variations of both logos (i.e., grayscale, different borders, etc.) exist for use in unique applications. For example, the logo with a navy outline would be used on a yellow background. Please contact Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs for assistance in special use applications to ensure you are using the correct logo.

To learn more about Oregon Tech guidelines and standards for using the Oregon Tech logo, please visit TECHweb.

The shortened name should be written as Oregon Tech in all instances, never Oregon TECH.

You can find Oregon Tech’s brand guidelines in the University Brand Guidelines document. This document includes additional information about naming, logos, brand colors and fonts, taglines, etc. 

MarCoPa discourages the creation of unique department logos and instead advises that each department promotes its name under the block logo. In addition, academic department names will utilize a consistent “sub-heading” style below the Oregon Tech logo. The department name is left justified below the “O” in Oregon. The space between the block logo and department name element, as well as the font size of the sub-heading should never be altered.

Departmental Block Logo Examples

Student club logos will not appear on official Oregon Tech publications. Student programs, such as organizations that manage their own budgets, may have logos that appear on Oregon Tech publications, with approval by the MarCoPa office. Student programs are welcome to ask for assistance with designing graphics by emailing

To request promotional materials, fill out a Marketing Request. The Marketing Request can be found under the “My Requests” tile in TECHweb or by clicking here. 

How long it takes to fill a request greatly depends upon the request. It is best to allow MarCoPa as much time as possible to fill your request. The more time we have, the more energy we can devote to providing you with the best possible quality. Brochures generally take four to six weeks. Promotional materials for an event should be requested approximately a month before the event.

Your department will generally pay for the materials you request. When you make a request, be sure to have your department index ready to provide in the Marketing Request. 

The Marketing Request has an upload option that you may use to attach Word documents or other materials to your request. 

MarCoPa uses Adobe Creative Suite industry standard software and prefers to create assets from scratch. We are happy to review anything you create in Canva or Publisher to ensure it meets brand standards and to provide feedback about how your design can be improved. 

We want your product to be top quality and that includes good quality images. We will look at your photos and let you know if they will work for your publication. Images taken with a cell phone, pulled from the web, and taken with many regular cameras may not have a high enough resolution. For print publications, all photos must be at least 300 dpi. The web shows everything at 72 dpi.

We have professional quality photography equipment, experience, and post-production software to ensure we can produce high quality photos. Please submit a Marketing Request if you would like to request photography. 

Please review the Oregon Tech Social Media Guidelines for more information about posting on behalf of the university, professional social media use, and university policies that can be found on TECHweb.

We encourage a self-service model for managing your department's web pages. Please submit a Marketing Request to request web editor access and training to manage your pages. You may also submit a Marketing Request to request edits or make other web specific requests.