How to Request a Marketing Job

The Marketing & Communication office provides guidelines and procedures for utilizing services. The below procedure outlines how to request a marketing job.

To request assistance from the Marketing Department, start by accessing the Marketing Request form in TECHweb. Your contact information will be automatically inserted on the form.

Please be prepared to provide the following:

  1. The type of project you are working on (consultation, news release, print material, new web project, etc.).
  2. The date you would like to receive the finished piece.
  3. Which Index code will be charged for the project costs (This will only be charged if there is a cost for printed materials).
  4. Person who will ultimately sign off on the project (as well as the Budget Authority for the Index code, if these are not the same person).

After you have completed the request form, you may be contacted by someone in the Marketing and Communication Department to get more details about your project. Some additional questions could include:

  1. Who is the intended audience of your project?
  2. What kind of specifications will your project have? (weight of paper, color or black/white ink, total quantity needed, etc.)
  3. Will you also need mailing services?

At this point, your project will be assigned to the Marketing Department staff member who can best address your needs, and you will be notified when a proof is available for approval.

At any point in the process, or even if you have general questions, you may contact Julie Desmond, Marketing Office Specialist, at 503.821.1255 or