The following students have been named to the 2023-2024 Spring Term president's and dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Only full-time undergraduate students (12 credit hours or more at Oregon Tech) are eligible for academic honors. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 541-885-1300 with any questions.

The following students have been named to the president's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above.

Feven AbebeInformation Technology
Drake AboudBusiness Management Option
Halle AdairRespiratory Care
Andrew AdamsEMT - Paramedic
Caleb AdamsAccounting
Joel AdamsNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Makenna AdamsEchocardiography
Monserrat AguilarDental Hygiene
Estefany Aguilar JacoboRadiologic Science
Musa AhmedEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Braa Al DebiRadiologic Science
Hussain Al DuwaysRenewable Energy Engineering
Alia Al ShamsiMedical Laboratory Science
Aphaf AlattarEMT - Paramedic
John Oscar AlbasinElectrical Engineering
Tailer AlbinRespiratory Care
Megan AlbionDental Hygiene
Lily AlbrechtDental Hygiene
Nicholas AleshireMechanical Engineering
Kendall AllbrittonDental Hygiene
Megan AlldredgeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Emmett AllenMechanical Engineering
Nolan AllenBiology-Health Sciences
Afnan AlqwireyRenewable Energy Engineering
Oriane AlyateemMedical Laboratory Science
Gavin AmstadBiology-Health Sciences
Luciana Andalon PenaCybersecurity
Finn AndersMechanical Engineering Tech
Caitlyn AndersonRespiratory Care
Daniel AndersonTechnology and Management
Jordan AndresCybersecurity
Peyton AndrusEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Shilo AnwayApplied Psychology
Anthony ArnoldRenewable Energy Engineering
Natalie ArnotDual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Heather ArredondoDental Hygiene
Kellsie ArthurMedical Laboratory Science
Jada-Lyric AshleyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Olivia AtiyehRespiratory Care
Anesti AudehElectrical Engineering
Christian Avila-LillardRadiologic Science
Sierra AvrilDental Hygiene
Tristan BachmanRadiologic Science
Luke BacoEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Hannah BadkerDental Hygiene
Ian BaerMechanical Engineering
Salim BahajryRenewable Energy Engineering
Nathan BahlmanManufacturing Engineering Tech
Mei Joy BalagtasGeomatics-option in Surveying
Elise BalakasPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Selene BanuelosVascular Technology
Grayson BarkerPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Justin BarkerCommunication Studies
Natalie BarkerDental Hygiene
Patrick BarryElectrical Engineering
Adin BartlettProfessional Writing
Bailey BartlettPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Gretchen BearVascular Technology
Kendra BeckMechanical Engineering
Sydney BeersMechanical Engineering
Derek BeginSoftware Engineering Tech
Taylor BeltDental Hygiene
Angelica BeltranDental Hygiene
Conner BergCivil Engineering
Kylie BergDental Hygiene
Tandie BergEchocardiography
Ian Bermudez RiveraElectrical Engineering
Kyle BernierEMT - Paramedic
Emma BeyerDental Hygiene
Quincy BeyroutyBusiness Marketing Option
Jaelynne BirkbyBiology-Health Sciences
Rita BladesRadiologic Science
Matthew BlankenshipEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Cooper BlodgettRadiologic Science
Crew BlodgettRadiologic Science
Nolan BlofskyProfessional Writing
Nichole BodfieldRespiratory Care
Kailea BoersteMedical Laboratory Science
Madison BogarRadiologic Science
Megan BoldenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Michelle BonillaBiology-Health Sciences
Michael BottitaEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Collin BowdoinSoftware Engineering Tech
Benjamin BradshawMechanical Engineering
Dane BradshawBusiness Management Option
Eva BradyRadiologic Science
Joshua BradyInformation Technology
Adan BrambilaInformation Technology
Griffith BrandtEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Brittan BratscherRadiologic Science
Dayton BrighterManufacturing Engineering Tech
Abbey BrileyCivil Engineering
Ryan BrobergRenewable Energy Engineering
Alyssa BrownEchocardiography
Caley BrownMechanical Engineering
Callie BrownRadiologic Science
Jamie BrownOperations Management
Kyla BrownDental Hygiene
Logan BrownCybersecurity
Charles BrownleeMechanical Engineering
Natalie BrunerVascular Technology
Sebastian BrunkCivil Engineering
Tristan Jason BrunoPre-Nursing Gen Study
Alyssa Anela BuccatRadiologic Science
Hubert BuiVascular Technology
Myah BullisRadiologic Science
Kylie BurkDental Hygiene
Colby BurnsMechanical Engineering
Lyda BurtonPre-Nursing Gen Study
Braden ByrdElectrical Engineering
Isabelle CadeDental Hygiene
Riley CahoonEMT - Paramedic
Caleb-Zane CalveroMechanical Engineering
Diego Camarena-ReyesRespiratory Care
Rylie CampbellPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Carlos Campos ViverosMedical Laboratory Science
Kylee CantuGeneral Studies
Niklas CarlbergCybersecurity
Thomas CarltonMechanical Engineering
Evelyn CaroDental Hygiene
Luis CarranzaElectrical Engineering
Schyler CaseyEchocardiography
Natalie CastellanoDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Cameron CastilloElectrical Engineering
Genevieve CastleBusiness Management Option
Jazmin Cervantes GaribayDental Hygiene
Makahl ChambersBiology-Health Sciences
Colton Chenault*Environmental Sciences
Landon CheneyCivil Engineering
Ashley ChenowethEchocardiography
Ivy ChiemVascular Technology
Charis ChildersPre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Corinne ChildersPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Chelsea ChingDental Hygiene
Brynne ChristieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Ulises Cisneros-CamposPre-Nursing Gen Study
Alexzandria ClevengerPre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Emma ClintonRadiologic Science
Gabriel CobianRadiologic Science
Beau CoffieSoftware Engineering Tech
Makenzie Collier*Environmental Sciences
Payton CollierEchocardiography
Samuel CollierElectrical Engineering
Alycia CollinsPre-Nursing Gen Study
Seth ColvinMechanical Engineering
Torin CombsNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Chloe CookPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hunter CookBiology-Health Sciences
Jacob CookBusiness Management Option
Peter CookSoftware Engineering Tech
Scott CookeMechanical Engineering
Jackson CooperCommunication Studies
Nicholas CooperSoftware Engineering Tech
Patrick CorlissGeomatics-option in Surveying
Adam CornieManufacturing Engineering Tech
Maria CoronaDental Hygiene
Joseline Corrales BeltranDental Hygiene
Jacob CrossCivil Engineering
Allison CrowellDental Hygiene
Hunter CunninghamCivil Engineering
Sydney DalinMedical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Jacob DavidsonMechanical Engineering
Danielle DavisDental Hygiene
Madison DavisDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Jan De GuzmanBusiness Management Option
Xavier De La RosaBusiness Management Option
Tyler DeLoachTechnology and Management
Natalie DeWittEMT - Paramedic
Colby DeanRadiologic Science
Adam DecknadelCybersecurity
Justin David DeerTechnology and Management
Kieran Dela CruzSoftware Engineering Tech
Gage DelzottiBiology-Health Sciences
Madison DemagalskiDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Cy DempsayCivil Engineering
Trevor DennNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Dylan DeregoMechanical Engineering
Jorge Diaz MartinezSoftware Engineering Tech
Sheila DickensEchocardiography
Cole DillonRespiratory Care
Summer DomrudePre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jackson DonaldsonCybersecurity
James DresselManufacturing Engineering Tech
William DuarteNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Katie DudrovEchocardiography
Daniel DuffBiology-Health Sciences
Abigail DummerAccounting
Michael DuncanElectrical Engineering
Mackenzie DutcherHealth Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Aidan DuvalCivil Engineering
Sierra EarleyMechanical Engineering
Elizabeth EgoavilNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Robert EichelkrautBusiness Management Option
Aeryn ElderDental Hygiene
Matthew ElfbrandtSoftware Engineering Tech
Lauren ElizarragaDental Hygiene
Naomi ElliottBiology-Health Sciences
Zachary ElliottDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
James ElmoreCommunication Studies
Alexis ElquistElectrical Engineering
Kya EmmertCybersecurity
Maya EnloeRadiologic Science
Ayesha EsaEchocardiography
Diana EscamillaBiology-Health Sciences
Noha EscobarDental Hygiene
Alejandro EscovedoInformation Technology
Valeria EstradaRadiologic Science
Lily EversonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Isaiah EwingMechanical Engineering
Spencer FallMechanical Engineering
Coby FeaginsEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Kendall FealeyCivil Engineering
Alexandra FentonDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Lydia FergusonDental Hygiene
Bryce FernandezCivil Engineering
Sebastian FleschnerMechanical Engineering
Andrei FloreaSoftware Engineering Tech
Joseph FogelmanMechanical Engineering
Dylan FolandComputer Engineering Tech
Abigail FosterNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Hayden FoutsCybersecurity
Sydney FowlerCommunication Studies
Justin FrancisMechanical Engineering
Sophia FrancoisEchocardiography
Elias FranklinMechanical Engineering
Izanah FredenNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Ian FreedainCybersecurity
Jayleana FrostCybersecurity
Macey FrostDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Michelle FrostDental Hygiene
Noah GabrielMechanical Engineering
Ella Gaddi-NguyenVascular Technology
Abigail GambleEnv Science option-Water
Michelle GarciaMedical Laboratory Science
Marilu Garcia DuranMedical Laboratory Science
Troy GarrisonCommunication Studies
Jacob GavlikCybersecurity
Demetrius GervaisBusiness Management Option
Nathaniel GettmanMechanical Engineering
John GibsonInformation Technology
Jessica GilbertDental Hygiene
Logan GillespieSoftware Engineering Tech
Connor GlasserSoftware Engineering Tech
Gabriella GliattoDental Hygiene
Kendrick GoffDual Embedded Sys/Math
Viktoria GolovinVascular Technology
Nate GonzalesElectrical Engineering
Greer GonzolezMechanical Engineering
Marla GoodspeedMechanical Engineering
Jenna GordenCivil Engineering
Lacey GrantBusiness Marketing Option
Savannah GreeleyCybersecurity
Scott GrizzellSoftware Engineering Tech
Carter GrossgoldCivil Engineering
Jamison GuerraApplied Psychology
Austin GuertinElectrical Engineering
John GundersonBiology-Health Sciences
Sierra GuruleRadiologic Science
Jose GuzmanDental Hygiene
Kianna-Lyn GuzonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Theodore GwynnSoftware Engineering Tech
Aubrey HaggeNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Andrew HaldaGeneral Studies
Gabriella HalgrenNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Alexis HallPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Christopher HallCybersecurity
Luke HallMechanical Engineering
Levi HallockMechanical Engineering
Hayley HamiltonInformation Technology
Christopher HammettGeneral Studies
Hailey Hanford-ScottSoftware Engineering Tech
Christopher HarkemaInformation Technology
Connor HarperSoftware Engineering Tech
Jordan Harris-ToovyElectrical Engineering
Casidee HarrodDental Hygiene
Drake HartingerBusiness Management Option
Miles HartmannSoftware Engineering Tech
Abdullah HavaldarEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Clarissa HeadsInformation Technology
Carson HeckmanGeneral Studies
Chase Matthew HedaniCivil Engineering
Gracelyn HedlundBiology-Health Sciences
Tyce HelmickEnv Science option-Water
Oscar HelserSoftware Engineering Tech
Ashleigh HendricksPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Keida HendricksPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hailee HenryDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Isaac HernandezGeomatics-option in Surveying
Federico Hernandez JimenezSoftware Engineering Tech
Crystal Hernandez RamirezDental Hygiene
Morghan HerringPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Zachary HerringMechanical Engineering
Amelia HessBiology-Health Sciences
James HessMechanical Engineering
Kate HicksCivil Engineering
Aaron HillSoftware Engineering Tech
Isaac HillBusiness Marketing Option
Ebin HillardGeomatics-option in Surveying
Dylan HimBusiness Management Option
Anneke HladyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Benjamin HogervorstEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Maia HollensteinerMechanical Engineering
Isabella HoltMechanical Engineering
Luke HongelMechanical Engineering
Reid HoodSoftware Engineering Tech
Jade HopkinsRadiologic Science
Tyler HornerMechanical Engineering
Aren HorsmanBiology-Health Sciences
Douglas HouserRenewable Energy Engineering
Felicity HoustonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Shelby HoytDental Hygiene
Micah HubeleEchocardiography
Lane HughesMechanical Engineering
Rachel HuguletNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Maria HuizarRespiratory Care
Kellen HumphriesGeomatics-option in Surveying
Christopher HumphrysInformation Technology
Cooper HuntPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Stephen HunterSoftware Engineering Tech
Colton HurstBusiness Management Option
Emmett HuthPre-Nursing Gen Study
Uyen HuynhDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Madison HyattEchocardiography
Orian Imaki-McgillAccounting
Jazmine IngramVascular Technology
Paige IshamNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
John IsherwoodMechanical Engineering
Keanu IshiharaCybersecurity
Brian JacobsenCybersecurity
Willow JacobsonApplied Psychology
Kaleah JambalosBiology-Health Sciences
Sydney JamesRespiratory Care
Kayleigh JanesDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Isaiah JannsenRenewable Energy Engineering
Grace JarigeseCommunication Studies
Blake JensenCommunication Studies
Lindsay JensenRadiologic Science
Bridget JeppesenDual Software Eng/Applied Math
Emma JohnDental Hygiene
Emily JohnsonPre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Erica JohnsonRadiologic Science
Najeb JohnsonInformation Technology
Nathan JohnsonMechanical Engineering
Antonette JonesNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Jaesun JonesCivil Engineering
Logan JonesInformation Technology
Natalie JonesAllied Health - Admin
Ryan JonesRadiologic Science
Sydnee JonesDental Hygiene
Janeen JostandDental Hygiene
Avery JoynerApplied Psychology
Addison KachnikCommunication Studies
Kara KammermanPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kennedy KantolaPre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Alisa KariyaEchocardiography
Logan KashimaEchocardiography
Matthew KatterhagenRadiologic Science
Alyssa KeltonRadiologic Science
McKenna KendrickDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Isaac KernerPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Aubrey KievitRadiologic Science
Grant KightlingerBusiness Marketing Option
Brooke KingPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cloie KingAccounting
Elycia KingPre-Nursing Gen Study
Esther KingMedical Laboratory Science
Masami KiriakedisCivil Engineering
Rachel KirschInformation Technology
Logan KistlerMechanical Engineering
Keith KlatyMechanical Engineering
Ryan KnightGeomatics-option in Surveying
Mackenzie KnittelHealth Informatics
Jaden KnodelBiology-Health Sciences
Jacob KnoxSoftware Engineering Tech
Jeffrey KolmBusiness Marketing Option
Kenneth KoonceTechnology and Management
Christopher KrauseCivil Engineering
Olivia KreiserHealth Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Jonathan KrizoMechanical Engineering
Jaime KuchleBusiness Marketing Option
Zachary KuenziBiology-Health Sciences
Austin KuromiCybersecurity
Joseph LaDucaSoftware Engineering Tech
Tyler LaitinenEnv Science option-Wildlife
Carlie LandonRadiologic Science
Jordan LangholzRespiratory Care
Lillian Lankard-PelleyRadiologic Science
London LarsonAccounting
Madeline LarsonVascular Technology
Remie LeVascular Technology
Jonah LeeSoftware Engineering Tech
Brett LewandowskiEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Tori LeybaBiology-Health Sciences
Jesse LeyvaBiology-Health Sciences
Christina LiMedical Laboratory Science
Amber LiberDental Hygiene
Caitlin LienCivil Engineering
Margaret LilesMarriage and Family Therapy
Addison LittleApplied Psychology
Gillian LivingstonApplied Psychology
Elena LockeEchocardiography
Nicole LocklinEMT - Paramedic
Michael LoganCybersecurity
Aidan LongMechanical Engineering
Diego LopezCivil Engineering
Zachary LorEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Claire LowryBusiness Management Option
Nicholas LucasCybersecurity
Chelsea LujanDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexis LunaDental Hygiene
Chris LupercioElectrical Engineering
Shaylee LutzRadiologic Science
Kimberly LybbertDental Hygiene
Haley MaddessRadiologic Science
Josie MadduxRespiratory Care
Sidney MadsenPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Elizabeth MainaDental Hygiene
Bradley MaingiMechanical Engineering Tech
Taveon MalnackElectrical Engineering
Terren MaplethorpeBiomedical Sciences, Thesis
Michael MarkSoftware Engineering Tech
Austin MartinGeomatics-option in Surveying
Theodore MastrangeloSoftware Engineering Tech
Melina MatthiasDental Hygiene
Eryk MayesEchocardiography
Brian McClellandBiology-Health Sciences
Malachi McCormickMechanical Engineering Tech
Emma McDonaldPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Elisabeth McDowellRadiologic Science
LeTicia McGonigleRespiratory Care
Derby McLaughlinNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Ebony McMillanBusiness Marketing Option
Ellie McMullenPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kaitlyn MeadowsRadiologic Science
Emily MedlinBiology-Health Sciences
Levi MeltabargerDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Grace MeltingEMT - Paramedic
Lauren MercierVascular Technology
Jenna MercurioPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Zayda MestasBiology-Health Sciences
Kathryn MetzgerDental Hygiene
Kaila MickBiology-Health Sciences
Mackenzie MikaelsenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Puakeahulananiikala MilbouApplied Psychology
Darius MillerBusiness Marketing Option
Gage MillerPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Madison MillerDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Tana MillerRespiratory Care
Emily MindolovichDiagnostic Medical Sonography
William MitchellEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Megan MizeMedical Laboratory Science
Keanu MizutaCybersecurity
Rebecca MoePre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Brandon MoehlmannEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Kylie MonsMedical Laboratory Science
Laura MontgomeryDental Hygiene
Joshua MooreRenewable Energy Engineering
Angelica MoraDental Hygiene
Anthony MoranRenewable Energy Engineering
Seyed Milad Moravej Ale AlSoftware Engineering Tech
Trenton MorganMechanical Engineering
Krystle MorgesterApplied Psychology
Jehu MorningBiology-Health Sciences
Kara Leigh MorrisBiology-Health Sciences
Kyra MorrisRenewable Energy Engineering
Carly MossBiology-Health Sciences
Mariah MowerRadiologic Science
Ezra MoyerMechanical Engineering
Brittany MrossPolysomnographic Technology
Johnny MuellerMedical Laboratory Science
Kaitlyn MullDoctor Physical Therapy
Joanna Munoz BetancourtVascular Technology
Daniel MunseyDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Allison MurryPre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Kodi MyersDental Hygiene
Mason NakamuraEMT - Paramedic
Sydni NakamuraMechanical Engineering
Caleb NashInformation Technology
Valeria Navarro GomezDental Hygiene
Tayler NeelansDental Hygiene
Sophie NeighornPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Lucas NelsonTechnology and Management
Megan NelsonDental Hygiene
Kayla NessBusiness Marketing Option
Rachel NewhardBusiness Management Option
Kathy NgoDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Anna NguyenEchocardiography
Le Thuy Vy NguyenDental Hygiene
Ngan NguyenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Caitlin NieriNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Hayden Niewald-ThomasCybersecurity
Taylor NoahPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Nikolas NorbyCivil Engineering
Amina NorrisBusiness Marketing Option
Logan NorthRadiologic Science
Dakota NotterMechanical Engineering
Ariana NovakRadiologic Science
Haili NyquistCommunication Studies
Brooke O'BrienMechanical Engineering
Ashley ObermeyerElectronics Engineering Tech
Allyson OdellRenewable Energy Engineering
Christopher OhmanCivil Engineering
Aidan OlberdingPre-Nursing Gen Study
Natalee OlhiserRespiratory Care
Brooke OlsenDental Hygiene
Luke OmanRadiologic Science
Olivia OpsahlRadiologic Science
Natalie OrcuttNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Riley OreEnv Science option-Wildlife
Jocelyn OrelDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Tyler OrganMechanical Engineering
Ariana OronaPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Zander OrtegaMechanical Engineering
Kameron OsbornCommunication Studies
Aubreianna OsborneDental Hygiene
Shawn OstranderCybersecurity
Abigail OswaldEMT - Paramedic
Kyla Anne Franchesca PaloDental Hygiene
Erica PalumboNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Phenwyck ParsonsRadiologic Science
Miriam PartidaDental Hygiene
Aaryan PatelRenewable Energy Engineering
Mitul PatelBusiness Management Option
Jackson PatronMechanical Engineering
Samuel PaulElectrical Engineering
Olivia PaynePre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kian PeaseMechanical Engineering
Charlotte PedersonDental Hygiene
Carmen PenaApplied Psychology
Xi PengDental Hygiene
Alexandria Peters DiazPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Anne PetersonEMT - Paramedic
Becky PetersonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Anh PhanMedical Laboratory Science
Michael PhelpsCivil Engineering
Brooke PhillipsDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Cameron PhillipsGeomatics-option in Surveying
Gabriella PhilpRespiratory Care
Kayla PierceRadiologic Science
Julie PimentelRespiratory Care
Katerina PinnellPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Tucker PiperManufacturing Engineering Tech
Kellie PiresRadiologic Science
Mario PizanoInformation Technology
Brian PlaceVascular Technology
Naomi PopeBiology-Health Sciences
Jacob PowellCybersecurity
Rilee PowellMedical Laboratory Science
Allyson PrattRadiologic Science
Parker PrattData Science
Derek PrestonSoftware Engineering Tech
Gabriel PrestonMechanical Engineering
Tychon PrestonDual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Arthur ProostCommunication Studies
Kerry PrulhiereVascular Technology
Ashley QuisenberryPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kevin RagsdaleRadiologic Science
Eli RajotteEMT - Paramedic
Jozie RamosPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Wyatt RasorMechanical Engineering
Aden RatliffSoftware Engineering Tech
Grant RatliffPre-Nursing Gen Study
Dakota ReberBusiness Management Option
Rodolfo RecinosDental Hygiene
Patrick RentonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Neonilla ReutovNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Joel ReynaInformation Technology
Chase ReynoldsElectrical Engineering
Brandon RichardsonPre-Paramedic Gen Study
Wesley RichelderferSoftware Engineering Tech
Anthony RiellySoftware Engineering Tech
Kaylin RigginCivil Engineering
Hannah RiveraDental Hygiene
Marisa RiveraHealth Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Savanna RobertsRespiratory Care
Emily RobeySoftware Engineering Tech
Cameron RobinsonDual Embedded Sys/Math
Luke RodenhauserBusiness Management Option
Seth RodenhauserBiology-Health Sciences
Ethan RoeloffsBiology-Health Sciences
Carley RogersBiology-Health Sciences
Maggie RogersEnv Science option-Recreation
Melissa Roman RojasDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Cedric RomeroApplied Mathematics
Caden RootRadiologic Science
Rylynn RootCivil Engineering
Luke RothBusiness Management Option
Bradley RouthRadiologic Science
Kimberly RubioRadiologic Science
Mireya RuehsDental Hygiene
Katherine RuffinoHealth Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Aubrie RushRadiologic Science
Toby RustonMechanical Engineering
Melinda RydbergMedical Laboratory Science
Ronald RynoNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Jan RyserDual Software Eng/Applied Math
Madeline SabalaRadiologic Science
Katie SabinBiology-Health Sciences
Austin SahnowAccounting
September SahnowCivil Engineering
Tammer SaidMechanical Engineering
Melissa SalgadoDental Hygiene
Thomas SawyerRadiologic Science
Stephanie SchaapDental Hygiene
Nicholas SchlechtElectrical Engineering
Sage SchmidtDental Hygiene
Zane SchneeMechanical Engineering
Tanner SchreiberPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Wyatt SchreiberPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Abigail SchubertDiagnostic Medical Sonography
John ScottInformation Technology
Jayce SeavertPopulation Health Management
Rawan ShahatitEchocardiography
Danielle ShaverVascular Technology
Julia ShcherbakovDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Halayah ShermanDental Hygiene
Joy ShieldsApplied Psychology
Tyler ShieldsApplied Mathematics
Keegan ShiversBusiness Management Option
Matthew ShoshMechanical Engineering
Lindsey SiagianBusiness Management Option
Ava SilbernagelNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Luke SilveyMechanical Engineering
Manveer SinghCybersecurity
Vincent SiuSoftware Engineering Tech
Bayleigh SkeltonAccounting
Erica SkeltonVascular Technology
Chloe SkyeBiology-Health Sciences
Wil SlagleBiology-Health Sciences
Derek SlavkovskySoftware Engineering Tech
Dirk SmelserBusiness Management Option
Anna SmithPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Emmi SmithApplied Psychology
Ethan SmithBusiness Management Option
Mikayla SmithSoftware Engineering Tech
Anah SneadApplied Psychology
Anthony SnyderDual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Matthew SnyderEchocardiography
Abigail SorensenPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kage SouthernCivil Engineering
Jordan SpencerCybersecurity
Olivia SpragueDental Hygiene
Kortney StaconaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Noah StanfieldCybersecurity
Trenton StarkSoftware Engineering Tech
Mercy StarlingDental Hygiene
Mckenzie StaubRenewable Energy Engineering
Amber SteenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Josie StegallRadiologic Science
Pacific StenslandCybersecurity
Cheyene SteskalSoftware Engineering Tech
Elijah StevensMechanical Engineering
Faith SticeRespiratory Care
Aaliyah StonePre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Spencer StoreyMechanical Engineering
Zane StrassheimMechanical Engineering
Cameron StubbsBusiness Management Option
Damien StuckCybersecurity
Patricia StummRadiologic Science
Tosh StumpenhausMechanical Engineering
Jared SucherCommunication Studies
Rachael SullivanDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Katherine SumanoharanInformation Technology
Branden SummersGeomatics-option in Surveying
Aiden SwopeElectrical Engineering
Matthew TamasanMechanical Engineering
Nicole TaniguchiEchocardiography
Brevin TatomInformation Technology
Angela TaylorBusiness Marketing Option
Ashleigh TaylorApplied Psychology
Colin TaylorMechanical Engineering
Colton TaylorVascular Technology
Russell TaylorEchocardiography
Stormy TecumsehPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Joseph Ten EyckSoftware Engineering Tech
Bella TenoldEnv Science option-Wildlife
Sanjeeta ThapaSoftware Engineering Tech
Aleksen ThayerSoftware Engineering Tech
Cody TheraultGeomatics-option in Surveying
Griffin ThissellCivil Engineering
Sydney ThomasMedical Laboratory Science
Jefferson ThompsonCivil Engineering
Mackenzie ThompsonRespiratory Care
Tyler ThygesenRadiologic Science
Parker TimmermanElectrical Engineering
James TiscorniaBusiness Management Option
Sean TobinRespiratory Care
Christian TodorProfessional Writing
Maria TorresNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Adama ToureRenewable Energy Engineering
Joseph TownsendInformation Technology
Morgan ToyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Vicky TranDental Hygiene
Vivian TranPre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Joseph TraverManufacturing Engineering Tech
Sean TresvantBusiness Marketing Option
Sinh TriEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Chloe TrigoNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
James TrutalliElectrical Engineering
Hallie TryonEMT - Paramedic
Theodora TsirimiagosInformation Technology
Ryder TsukayamaCybersecurity
Kennedy TullDental Hygiene
Sierra TweedyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Maria UrbanoNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Fatima Urbina-GonzalezApplied Psychology
Julian UrenaSoftware Engineering Tech
Mayra Uribe ZarateDental Hygiene
Scott UsherInformation Technology
Morgan UtleyApplied Psychology
Miranda ValleBiology-Health Sciences
Audrey VanderhoffDental Hygiene
Levi VanderwerfRadiologic Science
Natalie VarlandEchocardiography
Alexandra VazquezBiology-Health Sciences
Cameron ViernesInformation Technology
Cesar VillegasCybersecurity
Ashley VoorhiesPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Elizabeth WagnerMechanical Engineering
Jacob WahlgrenCybersecurity
Jasmine WalesDual Software Eng/Applied Math
Connor WallSoftware Engineering Tech
Jenna WallaceRadiologic Science
Sarah WallsPopulation Health Management
Niles WalterMechanical Engineering
Chance WaltonBiology-Health Sciences
Zoe WaltonEchocardiography
Reece WarnerApplied Mathematics
Krista WatsonMedical Laboratory Science
Ian WattsElectrical Engineering
Carson WeaverDental Hygiene
Carly WeberDental Hygiene
Devin WeberApplied Psychology
Connor WelchElectrical Engineering
Josiah WelchDental Hygiene
Justin WenzingerInformation Technology
Kaley WhalenBiology-Health Sciences
Brandon WhittenMechanical Engineering
Andrew WileyDual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
David WilliamsRespiratory Care
Jesse WilliamsGeomatics-option in Surveying
Bryce WilsonEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Emily WilsonAccounting
Heather WilsonDental Hygiene
Jacob WilsonElectrical Engineering
Alexandria WilstermanPre-Nursing Gen Study
Lydia WiltroutDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Tricia WinterCybersecurity
Jeffrey WiserElectrical Engineering
Reagan WittPre-Nursing Gen Study
Alexis WolfVascular Technology
Peter WoltjerEnv Science option-Wildlife
Brook WomackDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Dario WongEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Anna WoodroughPolysomnographic Technology
James WooleyCybersecurity
Jack WootenBusiness Management Option
Zachary WrinkleCybersecurity
Naomie WyckoffEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Tate WymanEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Chad YanagisawaBiology-Health Sciences
Mai YangDental Hygiene
Victoria YatesBiology-Health Sciences
Joshua YeamanDoctor Physical Therapy
Tamir YizhakiInformation Technology
Emma YoshidaRadiologic Science
Isaac YoungComputer Engineering Tech
Karlee YoungApplied Psychology
Zander YoungNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Afton ZahnEchocardiography
Sofia ZaragozaPre-Nursing Gen Study
Laura ZepedaMedical Laboratory Science
Haley ZinaPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study

The following students have been named to the dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average.

Tai AdamsMechanical Engineering
Katherine Aguilar LagosPre-Nursing Gen Study
Uriel Aguilar TorresInformation Technology
Ali Al AzzawiMechanical Engineering
Matar Al DhaheriRenewable Energy Engineering
Sofia AlcantarDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Kaia AllenDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Madelyn AndersonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Tristan AndreManufacturing Engineering Tech
Alana AntonsenPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Vanessa AntounInformation Technology
Clayton ApplebyCivil Engineering
Alejandra ArcaEchocardiography
Katelyn ArgyleEchocardiography
London ArgyleApplied Psychology
Zachary AusbornMechanical Engineering
Noah AzzopardiMechanical Engineering
Katelene BaduaEmergency Medical Services Mgt
Jonathan BaezMechanical Engineering Tech
Shiva BaliMedical Laboratory Science
Aliyah BanksCivil Engineering
Marlen BanuelosDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Matthew BarnesDual Software Eng/Applied Math
Lyrik BarneyPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kyrie BartolomeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Tallon BattenfieldMechanical Engineering
Caitlin BeardPre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Cooper BeggsComputer Engineering Tech
Trista BeitzGeomatics-option in GIS
Patrick BenderCybersecurity
Joshua BettencourtMechanical Engineering
Kirsten BickfordVascular Technology
Tarrah Anne BickfordEnv Science option-Recreation
Ella BiebelPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jackson BiittnerDental Hygiene
Tyson BittrichRenewable Energy Engineering
Kagan BixlerMechanical Engineering
Ayla BlandDental Hygiene
Avree BlockPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Kalli BorrorRadiologic Science
Carolyn BotsfordDental Hygiene
Kade BrackenMechanical Engineering
Salem BremerNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Rachel BroskeyDental Hygiene
Addison BrownCommunication Studies
Elyse BrownNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Hannah Jochelle BrunoCivil Engineering
Sean BurcinMechanical Engineering
Christopher BurdineSoftware Engineering Tech
Katherine Cabanillas-MoreyOperations Management
Kayla CardilloVascular Technology
Matthew CashEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Nathaniel CastleSoftware Engineering Tech
Lizbeth CazarezRespiratory Care
Emilie CharboneauPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Ethan ChirnsideGeomatics-option in Surveying
Kendall ChristensenApplied Psychology
Jillian CockmanEchocardiography
Cruz CollinRenewable Energy Engineering
Chiara ColvinMechanical Engineering
Alyssa ConchasCommunication Studies
Kayleb CookComputer Engineering Tech
Sophia CornellRespiratory Care
Lawrence CottinghamApplied Psychology
Ricardo CovarrubiasComputer Engineering Tech
Riley CroninApplied Psychology
Sunshine CrosiarNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Margot CrossPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Charles CrowellCivil Engineering
Sabrina CrumeEchocardiography
Clerisse Llanah DacumosDual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Kaelin Dakers-YasskinEchocardiography
Madyson DanielsDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon DarkDental Hygiene
Dylan DavisMechanical Engineering
Thys de HoopMechanical Engineering
Spenser DeLongEMT - Paramedic
Maddin DeedonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Erin Deines*Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgm
Christopher Di StefanoSoftware Engineering Tech
Brandon DingmanMechanical Engineering
Jaden DomingselApplied Psychology
Oliver DorrellVascular Technology
William DumasInformation Technology
Isabella DussellDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Nolan EarnestMechanical Engineering
Christopher EckBusiness Management Option
Morgan EckisBiology-Health Sciences
Jacob EilenbergerSoftware Engineering Tech
Kayley ElliottNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Connor EndacottMechanical Engineering
Anders EricksonEnv Science option-Wildlife
Grace EriksenSoftware Engineering Tech
Luis Espinoza SanchezPre-Nursing Gen Study
Cassidy EvansRespiratory Care
Amber EversonRadiologic Science
McKenzie FarmerBiology-Health Sciences
Kenzie FerrisApplied Psychology
Faith FerschweilerSoftware Engineering Tech
Amanda FlackusDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan FletcherGeomatics-option in Surveying
Isaiah FloresCivil Engineering
Jacob FolgateCybersecurity
Ian ForrestMechanical Engineering
Hope FosterDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Andrew FournierSoftware Engineering Tech
Jacob FowlerGeomatics-option in Surveying
Ricardo GarcesMedical Laboratory Science
Jose Eduardo GarciaElectrical Engineering
Gabrielle GasconCommunication Studies
Evan GassmanElectrical Engineering
Roman Alexander GilesElectrical Engineering
Ezekiel GilletteNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Mackenzie GlaseEchocardiography
Dylan GloverManufacturing Engineering Tech
Tevin GloverNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Carolina GonzalezDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Diana Gonzalez-MendozaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Kasey GoslowRadiologic Science
Molly GraceBusiness Marketing Option
Cameron GredlerMechanical Engineering
Logan GreeleyComputer Engineering Tech
James GrowDental Hygiene
Jermias GuajardoMechanical Engineering
Jordon GulleyDental Hygiene
Griffin HaasGeomatics-option in GIS
Rhett HaighBiology-Health Sciences
Gage HaleGeneral Studies
Zane HancockMechanical Engineering
Brielle HarringtonPre-Nursing Gen Study
Alyssa Harris*Environmental Sciences
Ellis HarwoodMechanical Engineering
Kaylie HashizakiBiology-Health Sciences
Haley HawkinsDental Hygiene
Patrick HeaneyEnv Science option-Wildlife
John HermanceInformation Technology
Ivette Hernandez MartinezBiology-Health Sciences
Ismael Hernandez-HernandezEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Brody HerreraHealth Informatics
Jordan HevernEnv Science option-Wildlife
Zoya HickmanVascular Technology
Emmeline HigginsEchocardiography
Jacob HiltonAccounting
Justin HoekstraMechanical Engineering
Kyle HolewinskiMechanical Engineering
Jesse HornMechanical Engineering
Hunter HosierMechanical Engineering
Hunter HoughCivil Engineering
Audrey HugheyCivil Engineering
Ian HuntCybersecurity
Mauricio Huntoon DeRocheMechanical Engineering
Katrina HurleyNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Zion Iida-BecerrillMechanical Engineering
Shyanne InmanApplied Psychology
Doran IshiharaMechanical Engineering
Taylor JacobsMechanical Engineering
Caden Jayne*Environmental Sciences
Shelby JirsaBusiness Management Option
Reece JohnsonRespiratory Care
Ace JonesOperations Management
Michael KadlecCybersecurity
Zachary KaneMechanical Engineering
Prachiben KansaraVascular Technology
Kira KaopuaNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Gianni KarlMechanical Engineering
Julia KetchamCybersecurity
Zayd KhanCybersecurity
Alicia Kimbrel MendozaApplied Psychology
Valerie KingPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Nolan KirkwoodInformation Technology
Aviv KirtnerNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Alexander KlugeMechanical Engineering
Kierra KnappRespiratory Care
Maxwell KoehlerGeomatics-option in GIS
Alan KolesnikovPre-Paramedic Gen Study
Christopher KoopEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Jennifer KuangPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cassidy KuchleMechanical Engineering
Hayden KuhlmanApplied Psychology
Nicholas LacnoSoftware Engineering Tech
Bryson LaddMechanical Engineering
Tia LardizabalPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Killian LawsDual Embedded Sys/Math
Benjamin LebkowskyBusiness Management Option
Yareli LedezmaCivil Engineering
Dmitriy LevshinMechanical Engineering
Brianna LewisDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan LewisSoftware Engineering Tech
Owen LienElectrical Engineering
Devon Lindsey*Environmental Sciences
Davin LoganCybersecurity
Anibal Lopez-BonillaSoftware Engineering Tech
Lindsey LukeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Marcus LukeDual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Zakk LundbergPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jay LysterNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Anthony LyzunMechanical Engineering
Eireen Dale MadeloApplied Psychology
Megan MarchwiczPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Alexis MarquesApplied Psychology
Efrosenya MartusheffRadiologic Science
Kaylee MayDental Hygiene
Spencer McBride*Environmental Sciences
Ashley McCannaRadiologic Science
Zahreh McClureMedical Laboratory Science
Brittney McCoyNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Gage McNeilSoftware Engineering Tech
Brandon McUneInformation Technology
Lillian McallisterPre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Reilly Mcneil-KuebrichGeomatics-option in Surveying
Michaella MengDental Hygiene
Malia MickBiology-Health Sciences
Elisabeth MickeeBusiness Management Option
Ella MillerCivil Engineering
Samantha MillerProfessional Writing
Jose MisEnv Science option-Water
Jessica MisiukDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Shaylee MoniseDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Jared MonroeMechanical Engineering Tech
Waylon MonroeCybersecurity
Mattelynn MoonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Izithlaly MorfinNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Karlie MorfinDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Emmalina MotesNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Jason MulvaneyMechanical Engineering
Lilli-Ann Mundon-BurgonioEchocardiography
Jarvin NarvaezManufacturing Engineering Tech
Noah NealElectrical Engineering
Darcy NelsonHealth Informatics
Kinzie NelsonEchocardiography
Zachary NemecMechanical Engineering
Kaelin NessDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Anh-Thu NguyenPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Minh NguyenSoftware Engineering Tech
Vincent NguyenBusiness Management Option
Brady NicosiaComputer Engineering Tech
Christian NietoEnv Science option-Wildlife
Ian NoglebergElectrical Engineering
Kyle Norton RodgersApplied Psychology
Grace O'BrienRespiratory Care
Matthew ObenaufElectrical Engineering
Ann OlsonPolysomnographic Technology
Rachel OmanBiology-Health Sciences
Israel Ornelas*Environmental Sciences
Matthew OrtizCommunication Studies
Morgan OwingsSoftware Engineering Tech
Tidus Paet-VegasElectrical Engineering
Cody PalmerCybersecurity
Josiah PalumboCivil Engineering
Hannah ParisePre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Andrew PasangRadiologic Science
Jonah PatawaranEmbedded Systems Eng Tech
Sohan PatelBiology-Health Sciences
Jerry PatzkeGeomatics-option in Surveying
Kaitlyn PectolDental Hygiene
Edith Perez MatiasVascular Technology
Elsa PetersonPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jacob PhippsBiology-Health Sciences
Delaney PointerEchocardiography
Ryan PolingMechanical Engineering Tech
Izabelle PoolRadiologic Science
Lydia PossBiology-Health Sciences
Evan PowellMechanical Engineering
Elizabeth PriceSoftware Engineering Tech
Danielle Query-HagedornPre-Respiratory Care Gen Study
Virginia QuirkeEchocardiography
Jonathan RaffaellySoftware Engineering Tech
Kenneth RappSoftware Engineering Tech
Matthew ReadSoftware Engineering Tech
Issac RedlingerRenewable Energy Engineering
Rebecca ReganMechanical Engineering
Jonathan RegrutoMarriage and Family Therapy
Jacob ReinwaldRadiologic Science
Emily ReneauPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Brady RexineBusiness Management Option
Jonabelle ReyesMedical Laboratory Science
Jacob Reyes-GarciaSoftware Engineering Tech
Tyler RiddellElectrical Engineering
Colin Rietmann*Environmental Sciences
John RiggsMechanical Engineering Tech
Noemi Rivera AmbrocioCybersecurity
Alexander RodriguezBusiness Marketing Option
Kevin RodriguezApplied Mathematics
Ry RodriguezEchocardiography
Caitlin RogersNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Paige RogersonEchocardiography
Sandra RossRadiologic Science
Kendall RoweInformation Technology
Sarissa RubidouxBiology-Health Sciences
Karla Ruelas RangelRadiologic Science
Patrick RungeBusiness Management Option
Colton RunningCivil Engineering
Tegan RunningEnv Science option-Wildlife
Phillip RusuElectrical Engineering
Jennifer RyuMedical Laboratory Science
Michael SanchezGeomatics-option in Surveying
Salma SanchezVascular Technology
Nathanael SandercockApplied Psychology
Corbin SarnoskiMechanical Engineering
Melissa Schaffer-DearmanEchocardiography
Morgan SchlichtenBiology-Health Sciences
Tatum SchmerbachPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cierra SchoenApplied Psychology
Bryce SchultzSoftware Engineering Tech
Nolan SedeganMechanical Engineering
LeAira SewallApplied Psychology
Makenna ShamionEnv Science option-Wildlife
Madison ShearerApplied Psychology
Alexander ShibleySoftware Engineering Tech
Trevor ShirleyMechanical Engineering
Jennifer SimDental Hygiene
Paul SimsMechanical Engineering
Korrey SiracusaBusiness Management Option
Alexander SmithCybersecurity
Mason SmithCivil Engineering
Sabrina SmithCybersecurity
Mason SniderRenewable Energy Engineering
Brian SortoCivil Engineering
Xavier SousaApplied Mathematics
Chase SouthernElectrical Engineering
Sumerlyn SpencerPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jackson StaabElectrical Engineering
Lauren StallardPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Molly StallingsPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Savanna SterckBusiness Management Option
Delanie StifflerHealth Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Devon StokesMechanical Engineering
Adrianna SulffridgePre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Brezy SummersPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Garrett SutherlandMechanical Engineering
Amalie SuttieMedical Laboratory Science
Heather SwitzerMechanical Engineering
Taylor TanakaRadiologic Science
Llywelen TaylorPopulation Health Management
Paige TeVeldeElectrical Engineering
Mathew TeemSoftware Engineering Tech
Sydney TempleEchocardiography
Yesha ThakoreInformation Technology
Doug ThompsonMedical Laboratory Science
Justin ThompsonAccounting
Stephen ThomsonSoftware Engineering Tech
Chanin TimbalSoftware Engineering Tech
Tyler ToyofukuRadiologic Science
Kayla TrenamanPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cristal Trinidad MontesDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Madison TrouttDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Britton UllanMechanical Engineering
Evelin Urzua - VasquezPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Daniela Valadez PerezPre-Nursing Gen Study
Jissel Valencia-MendezBiology-Health Sciences
Bryce VanderwerfEchocardiography
Joseph VargasSoftware Engineering Tech
Edgar Velasquez-PerezComputer Engineering Tech
Jovan Verducci-WillMechanical Engineering
Rolando VidalMechanical Engineering
Alan VillegasCybersecurity
Hailey VillegasPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Amber WallaceDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Christian WarnerPre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Skyler WatanabeMechanical Engineering
Aaron WeatherlyElectrical Engineering
Braydon WeiderAccounting
Cali WestNuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Ryland WhiteRenewable Energy Engineering
Aaron WhitleySoftware Engineering Tech
Ethan WilliamsMechanical Engineering
Joseph WilliamsSoftware Engineering Tech
Kendra WilsonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
Tristan WilsonRadiologic Science
Raeley WorkingerRadiologic Science
Bryce WorrellEnv Science option-Water
Kaitlin WrightMedical Laboratory Science
Kyrah YoungBiology-Health Sciences
Shreyas ZadeMechanical Engineering
Baeley ZekariasMedical Laboratory Science
Austin ZirkleBiology-Health Sciences
Tanya ZolotoffEnv Science option-Wildlife