Strategic Energy Management (SEM) aligns with Oregon Institute of Technology’s core values of hands-on education, project-based learning, innovation, leadership development, educational opportunities, and public service.

SEM activities are especially relevant to Oregon Institute of Technology’s academic programs for​:

  • Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology (life cycle analysis and lean manufacturing)​

  • Renewable Energy Engineering (harnessing energy from renewable resources)​

  • Civil Engineering (environmental design and LEED building design)​

  • Environmental Sciences (watershed sciences, geographic information systems, and sustainable technologies emphasis areas)​

2020 SEM Impact Report Summary


In 2020, OIT laid the groundwork for an Energy Team; completed an Energy Management Assessment (EMA) and Virtual Building Opportunity Assessment (BOA); and earned $20,500.40 in incentives. While facing multiple challenges as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic and late summer wildfires, including staff furloughs, OIT held Energy Team meetings and attended coaching calls, SEMinars, and workshops. They plan to deepen their SEM engagement in 2021.

The extraordinary circumstances of 2020 have required the Energy Trust to adapt commercial SEM savings methodologies and program offerings. Energy Trust is only permitted to account for savings and pay incentives for efforts that are directly attributed to participation in Energy Trust programs and will result in savings over future years. As a result, a new way to calculate savings and incentives for the full year has been developed – both before and after the stay-at-home policies were in place.

2020 energy savings

*Please note: Modeled Savings (Annual SEM and Capital savings) were used in these calculations. These are not additive. They offer various ways of looking at the same impact. The calculator reflects modeled savings and metrics associated with the Energy Trust Service Territories for the State of Oregon.

For information on saving energy at home, visit Energy Trust of Oregon at https://energytrust.org/residential

Oregon Institute of Technology's Energy Team

The Energy Team was founded in 2020 by Mason Terry and Jennifer Berdyugin of the Oregon Renewable Energy Center. 


The mission of the energy team is to ensure that Oregon Institute of Technology (Klamath Falls campus) achieves its goal of a 5 percent reduction in energy use each year from 2020 to 2025. The team carries out its mission by engaging the organization in continuous improvement of energy management through activities such as efficient building operations, monitoring energy consumption and developing a high awareness of energy consumption among employees. 


The activities of the energy team are guided by the following objectives: 

  • Maintain a fully functioning team that meets regularly, keeps minutes, and reports to the Executive Sponsor and department heads on its activities and accomplishments 

  • Promote a high level of energy awareness among all employees and encourage employees to contribute to and participate in continuous energy improvement 

  • Design, maintain and operate all energy-consuming systems such that comfort, productivity and safety are maximized, and energy consumption is minimized 

  • Develop and use metrics (Key Performance Indicators — KPIs) and data reporting standards and systems that provide ongoing information necessary to maximize energy productivity 

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Klamath Falls

Meet the Energy Team

Executive Sponsor
  • John Harman, VPFA
Energy Champion
  • James Lake, Asst. Director of Facilities Services
Data Champion
  • Jessica Barnett, Fiscal Coordinator 1
College Union Building Representative
  • Open for volunteers*
Residence Hall Building Representative
  • Open for volunteers*
Sustainability Committee Representative
  • Open for volunteers*
Student Representative
  • Open for volunteers*
Other Team Members
  • Helen Drewel, Executive Assistant & Project Manager
  • Keith Hill, Co-Generation Engineer

*Please contact Jennifer Berdyugin if you are interested in joining the Energy Team. 


Contact Information

Interested in joining Oregon Tech's energy team? Contact Jennifer Berdyugin for more information.