Student Organizations


American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists—Provides additional support for health science majors and conduct community events.

Contact Information:

President: Katrina Holcomb
Advisor: Caroline Doty



Oregon Institute of Technology Portland-Metro Student Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. We endeavor to further the knowledge of electrical engineering, promote student professional development, and pursue technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. Contact Information:

Contact Information:

President: Tom Bridges
Advisor: Allan Douglas


Inventors Club

Integrates the use of 3-D print and other technology to develop projects for students and campus improvement

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Justin Laughlin 
Advisor: Andy Fultz


oSTEM creates awareness surrounding the LGBTQ+ community on and off camps. A chapter of the national society, dedicated to education and fostering leadership for LGBTQ+ communities in STEM fields.

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Carter Knutson
Advisor: Lara Pracht and Lucas Cordova

Outdoor Club

Plan outdoor activities at local rivers, forests, and mountains for students.

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Matthew Sherland
Advisor: Matt Search


OWL Veterans Club

Create community among student veterans and provide access to helpful tools, resources and benefits.

Contact Information:

President: Lee Collins 
Advisor: Phong Nguyen



Students gain hands-on experience in 3D printing for use in personal projects and for other students and organizations. 

Contact Information:

President: Justin Laughlin
Advisor: Phong Nguyen



Creates awareness surrounding mental health and breaking down stigmas on mental health.

Contact Information:

President: Nashmy Luna
Advisor: MariaLynn Kessler


Rocket Club

Rocket Club (Formerly GRASP) is an organization that facilitates and conducts space experiments. It brings students and faculty of diverse backgrounds together to carry out various hands-on aerospace projects.

Contact Information:

President: Davia Fleming
Advisor: Andy Fultz and Francis Bartholomew

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Oregon Tech Wilsonville Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Section strives to encourage women to excel as engineers and leaders and to foster universal success in engineering by inspiring students to pursue STEM careers, promoting an inclusive community within the college, and providing networking and professional development opportunities.

Contact Information: 

President: Zarith Hammond
Advisor: Hope Corsair

Sound Lab

The purpose of Sound Lab is to provide community through music appreciation and expression/improvisation/performance in a group setting. Sound Lab represents a creative side of STEM education at Oregon Tech.

Contact Information:

President: TBA
Advisor: Phong Nguyen

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